"i’m not ready to give up summer!" dress, part 2

this dress comes together really fast so it’s perfect for a last minute project or something you just don’t want to labor over. i have made this one for my mini me, but it will work just as well for us grown ups! start by sewing together the side seams of the ruffle pieces and side seams of the bodice pieces. finish the seams allowances as you prefer and make a narrow hem on the bottom of the ruffle.

make two rows of gathering stitches on the top edge of the ruffle. pin the ruffle at the side seams and at center front and center back. draw up the bobbin thread and distribute the gathers evenly and stitch.

take your bias tape and pin and stitch it at the top edge of the bodice over the ruffle. leave about 1″ of tape free and unstitched at the back. bring the bias tape together and pin it to mark where to join the tape. stitch the tape together and trim, then finish stitching it to the bodice.

disregard the fact that i didn’t line up the top edges, i ended up trimming it even. i had
some reason in my head at the time… don’t know what it was though!

press the bias tape up and over the top edge of the bodice folding it around to the inside. pin the tape right off the edge of the bias tape from the front, just catching the folded over edge of the tape on the inside. stitch in the “ditch” all the way around but leave 1″ open to have a place to insert the elastic. this whole bias tape binding of edges is really easy but if you’ve never done it before, words may not do it proper justice. here is a step by step in pics…

bias tape is first pinned and sewn all the way around on the outside of the garment, except for a 1″ opening
pinch the tape together to see where the pieces should be joined
pin it in place and make sure it will lie flat
stitch right in line with your pin markings
trim the bias tape then finish sewing to close the opening
fold tape up where you stitched and press
fold the inner edge of bias tape in and wrap the tape around the edge of the garment
pin from the outside in the “ditch” making sure your pin catches the inside edge of the bias tape
sew in the “ditch” from the outside
view from the inside. remember to leave an opening to insert the elastic.

measure out a piece of elastic the same as the chest measurement. insert it into the bias tape casing then pull out the two ends, overlap them slightly and stitch them together. draw the elastic back into the casing and stitch the opening shut.

the rest is just as easy, and i’ll finish it up tomorrow!

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