corduroy skirt finished!

i finished the corduroy skirt last week and i’m moderately happy with the results! i started out with burdastyle’s linda skirt pattern. the pattern as printed is more of a 3/4 circle skirt. i tweaked the pattern down to a half circle and adjusted the waist and hemline to accommodate. i then added a placket for 12 buttons down the front, pockets and belt loops.

so here is the skirt, complete with a windy day and 5 year old as my photographer…

sorry if the pictures aren’t great. she can’t hold still more more than half a millisecond.

i do wonder if the corduroy is just too heavy for the shape of the skirt, it doesn’t seem to drape quite naturally. like i said, i made it a half circle skirt and thank goodness i didn’t attempt fuller!! i am considering cutting down the sides to more of an A-line shape. it may not be worth the extra work, though i think perhaps i would wear it more that way. in the future i’ll save the circle skirts for lighter weight materials for sure!

maybe i’m wrong though… thoughts? comment below!! no worries, i don’t need to be told something is awesome all the time. it won’t crush my spirits.

5 thoughts on “corduroy skirt finished!

  1. lisa g. says:

    i think i finally figured out what went wrong… the pockets come down a bit too low and it's throwing off how the skirt hangs when i wear it. right now i plan to cut off and redo the waistband (too much topstitching to salvage easily) and move it down a bit. i'll have to adjust the side seam, but i think that'll fix it! thanks for the feedback, it's always very appreciated!

  2. Kathrin Lotto Shabat says:

    To me it looks just fine :-)Actually I bought brown corduroy to make a A-line skirt with buttons on the front, so I was very pleased to see your version of it. Can I ask you one questions: what happens when you sit down: do the bottons keep the two layers of fabric together? What's the distance between the buttons? I'm worried that it could show my panties…Thanks,Kathi

  3. lisa g. says:

    thanks! i did make the adjustment i mentioned, moving the waist down and altering the side seams a little. all in all it looks like the same skirt, just sits a little nicer on me!i haven't had any issues with the buttons revealing too much! they are 5/8" or 3/4" buttons and spaced 1 3/4" apart (from center to center). hope that helps!

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