i came. i saw. i doorbusted.

just not necessarily in that order…

i’m pretty anti-doorbuster. the thought of spending thanksgiving day plotting out how to spend money we don’t have and getting up super early to spend said lack of money is just not me. i hate crowded stores. i’m too passive to be that lady who will push past people to grab the last tickle me elmo doll. (okay, i have kids but i really don’t keep up on what the latest fads are because i avoid buying toys i will just get annoyed at having to pick up and put away later. don’t worry, my kids aren’t deprived. they have more playthings than they can handle.)

but sitting in my pj’s friday morning combing through the hundreds of ignored email ads, i found a not to pass up deal: a dressform. i reeeaaally needed a dressform and this price was just too good. full price, i’d feel like it’s something of a  rip-off. half price… far more tempting. so, tired of trying to fit dresses without one, i finally splurged. yay for me!

here she is, modeling the second dress i ever made (for myself). now she just needs a name…

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