woo-hoo! sewing stuff for christmas!

i suppose everyone i know has figured out that i’ve turned into a sewing fanatic. lucky for me this translated into a few sewing related gifts! i’ve been drooling over colette patterns‘ designs for a while now so i was very happy to get their new book along with two patterns! the two patterns plus the five patterns included in the book equal a very happy me! i’ve read through the book and what i really love are the clever construction techniques. most mainstream patterns just don’t offer much in this area and while i’ve figured lots out on my own over the years, it’s great to see step by step directions clearly laid out with gorgeous photos. so even if you’ve been sewing for a while it’s a great book to have for reference. plus the included patterns more than cover the cost of the book, so all in all it’s worth every penny.

oh yeah, i also received some fabric money which means i can start out with the macaron dress i’ve been wanting to make for a long time now! i have wanted to do a version in a lightweight denim and since denim just happened to be 50% off at joann’s… i had to get it right away! i picked out a light cotton material for the top contrast part. it’s a not quite sheer, faintly polka dotted shirting material. i have a sort of “jeans and a white tee” thing going in my head, so hopefully this will work out in real life.

i will have to tweak the pattern slightly to get the look i’m going for. to emphasize the denim aspect, i want to do lots of topstitching so i plan to convert the darts in the bodice to a princess seam. i will leave the contrast as is and substitute some bias tape for the facings so nothing shows through there. also i will add a lining under the denim. i have a beautiful red piece of bemberg i have saved for just this occasion! i am debating whether or not to move the side zip to a center back zip, then i may leave an opening in the center back (on the contrast part) with a button and loop closure at the top. details, details… i’m sure a muslin fitting will help me decide what to do!

i have a few details to work out in my head, but i’m very excited to get started on this project! i know it will take a bit of effort to get a good fit, so until that happens i won’t even look at my beautiful denim. so hard…

in other news, 2012 (and it feels really weird typing that) will keep me busy with several dresses i am making for my little sister rebecca’s summer wedding. since i happen to be blogging my sewing projects expect to see several random wedding dress, bridesmaid and flowergirl dress posts. since i am only just barely qualified to attempt such projects, i will be relying on various dressmaking books for ideas on interior construction. i hope this isn’t a project i will regret taking on… wish me luck!

happy new year to you all!

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