eclair pt. 2: pockets!

okay, so who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? it used to take me forever to put a pocket in so i frequently skipped it, citing “bulky side seams” as my excuse. which is often valid, but the skirt of this dress (colette patterns eclair) is so voluminous and gathered that even if you screw up the pockets, it’ll probably be hidden out of sight. the left pocket provides a particular challenge in that there is also a side zip that runs into the pocket area. fortunately, the directions perfectly explain how to do this. i used some very confusing directions once and i swore it was a miracle that it turned out wearable!

for the non-zip side i’ll show you step by step how to sew in-seam pockets so you can still press the side seam flat, as is my preference. now, fair warning—i did this a month ago so if i jump around funny and don’t make much sense… well just give me a holler.

finish the seam allowances on the front and back skirt pieces as well as the pocket edge that will be on the side seam. line up the pocket pieces according to the pattern markings on the right side of the skirt fabric and pin. don’t screw up this first step or you’ll be cursing and swearing in a minute. yes, i’ve sewn it to the wrong side before…

back skirt piece
front skirt piece. sorry, you eyes work fine, this pic is just fuzzy.

sew the pocket to the skirt piece by sewing just between the two dots. you want to leave the seam allowance of the pocket free.

press the pockets out and understitch on the pocket bag, staying within the two dots. repeat on the other pocket piece.

now, pin the front and back skirt pieces together lining up those dots and secure it with a pin. make absolutely sure your side seams where you stitched the pockets line up. continue to pin the front and back pocket pieces together.  now sew around the pocket making sure to stay completely clear of the skirt pieces.

once you have sewn up the pocket bag finish the seam allowance.

you have your pocket done, now sew up the side seam above and below the pocket opening, making sure not to catch the pocket into your stitching. and make sure you don’t sew the pocket shut. it can happen.

once this is done you can press the seam open with the pocket to the front.

now, if you want, you can stitch or tack the pocket to the front seam allowance just so it stays to the front. totally optional, i’m pretty sure i didn’t. just thought i’d share.

so there you have it. in-seam pockets are super easy and not scary at all!

oh by the way, did you see the pajama party going on? yeah! count me in!!! i can announce that i’m participating because i have my pajama pants nearly done and barring some unforeseen circumstance i should totally have them finished on time. 

are you making pajamas?

—lisa g

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