knit blazer LOVEFEST

it’s a knit blazer people!!! and it’s kind of awesome. no. not kind of awesome. SUPER awesome.

i finished off butterick 4610 a couple days ago, adding my trim and buttons to finish it off. everything about this went smoothly, and i really have to credit sherry over at pattern-scissors-cloth and her RTW tailoring sew-a-long posts. that woman has such a wealth of knowledge over on her blog that it’s almost criminal she gives it away for free. i hope she puts out a book someday, i would buy it in a heartbeat! so needless to say, i chucked butterick’s instructions aside, followed her lead and it really paid off. she has tons of RTW finishing techniques that give my blazer a real polish. now, i have a blazer that i am more than proud of and happens to be highly functional for my everyday life.

this is a really nice pattern, but i had to alter some bits to get the fit i was looking for. i outlined it all over on my last post so i won’t bore you with it here, though i think i forgot the part where i added 1.25″ to the sleeve length. i have monkey arms.

i am seriously dying over this blazer.

i think making this was a good training session to get me in gear for my winter coat project. you would think that sewing a blazer would make me crash and burn and not want to touch a similar project for months. but in actuality it has me even more excited! initially i planned to hand tailor my coat with the hair canvas and the pad stitching and such, but i had such amazing results with the RTW tailoring (using fusibles) that i just don’t feel the need to take that kind of time anymore.

the thought of hand tailoring doesn’t intimidate me anymore (and i’m sure i’ll do it someday) but for my time i’ll go the RTW route and i don’t think i’ll regret it. so unless i have a dilly of a time with fitting, the whole coat shouldn’t take more than a week. and once again, if anyone is interested in following my coat making, i’ll be posting often as the coat progresses, showing you the steps and pointing you toward online information and sharing what little knowledge i have on the topic. we can all hold hands and make coats together!

β€”lisa g.

33 thoughts on “knit blazer LOVEFEST

  1. Gail says:

    Lisa!!! It is AMAZING!!! Seriously, this is one of the best hand-made projects I've seen ever, anywhere! And you look absolutely darling in it! I'm raising my (imaginary) martini glass to you!

  2. Karin says:

    Wow! How did you get a knit blazer to look so crisp? It's gorgeous. I love the printed knit under the collar and the sharp white edge on the lapels. Just *fabulous*!

  3. lisa g. says:

    much thanks! for the crispness–strategically placed knit interfacing and a little bit of understitching did the trick. i can't resist a contrasting undercollar… πŸ™‚

  4. Kessem says:

    I Love this!! such a great job! I didn't even guess it was knit until you said so! I love that you went to so much trouble to make it look tailored rather then a floppy knit jacket. SO BEAUTIFUL!I couldn't tell from the construction photos – did you line the jacket?

  5. poppykettle says:

    I've already commented on your burdastyle page… but I just have to say it again. I LOVE your blazer. The white trim… the floral under collar… the comfort of a knit… I'm SO totally making one of these!!!

  6. Susan says:

    THIS IS ADORABLE — I didn't think I needed a knit blazer, but now I don't know how I've done without it. You got a terrific fit, and I looooove the white trim and floral under collar!

  7. Kessem says:

    OMG! I wasn't expecting you to say that for some reason! ha! :)what did you line it with? I can never decide on the right lining when I'm making a jacket, they all seem like they will restriict my moements and disturb the drape (or whatever) of the fabric

  8. lisa g. says:

    i used knit lining from typically the jacket lining is actually larger than the jacket itself. for the back lining piece, pleats are stitched at the top, waist and hem giving excess fabric through the upper back where you would possibly have strain. also if you have a bagged lining it won't pull anywhere. if you see my previous post, i've shown the interior and what it all looks like before fully constructed. lining a jacket like this is definitely the way to go!

  9. Bex says:

    WOW!! What a great-fitting, polished, versatile wardrobe addition! I bet it's really comfy, too, being a knit. Definitely a piece to be proud of and wear again and again. Love the trim!

  10. aleah says:

    This is a beautiful blazer! I also have a knit blazer on my list, since I've been seeing them around, and that exact one from Gap clinched it for me. I'll definitely be referring to your construction post when I make mine, and I will be getting this pattern too – can't believe I missed it when I was blazer pattern hunting. Thanks for the inspiration and great info! Oh yeah, what did you use for the trim? The Gap blazer used what looked like Petersham ribbon, but I don't know that I can find that in the right color… And is the knit lining slippery enough do get the sleeves on easily? I was going to use regular lining but the stretch would be nice.

  11. lisa g. says:

    thank you! i had searched and searched for a pattern and nearly missed this one also! the trim i used is just a narrow grosgrain ribbon, petersham would probably be an even better choice. i just stitched mine to the top aligning at the edge, whereas the gap blazer appears to have the ribbon encasing the edge (haven't seen it in person so that's just a guess). for the lining, it's not as slippery as i would have preferred but it isn't like t-shirt material or anything. i'm satisfied with it. i ordered it from and you can find it under their lining section. btw, i just peeked over at your blog… lots of great stuff you've made!

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