light jacket: burda 9487

i’m interrupting the tedious winter coat posts to show you a jacket i finished for my daughter a few weeks back. see, around these parts the seasons change from fall to winter very quickly so the window for a light jacket is pretty small. regardless, she needed one because cardigans just weren’t cutting it.

i used a heavy duty canvas (about the weight of a denim) i found at an awesome local fabric shop for $3-$4/yd. i had to wash this stuff 3 times before it quit turning my hands blue! but i really like this color for fall, and it works well with just about everything in her closet. and even if it doesn’t match, she wears it anyways.

i used burda kids 9487 which is an unlined jacket. it is slightly cropped and swingy, perfect for her slender frame. since i didn’t line the jacket i opted for a hong kong finish on the exposed seams.

the only change i made was to pleat the back instead of gathering it as the pattern suggests. i didn’t think there was any chance i would be able to get this canvas to gather, and i thought the pleat looked better anyways. i made her a size 7 (EUR 122) and this pattern certainly does not run big. i probably could have gone up a size to ensure that it still fits in the spring, but as long as her arms don’t grow too many inches, it should be fine.

i have to say, i’m really impressed with the burda kids patterns. there really are some gems over there, and they have all the details in styling and on their patterns i’ve been lacking with the regular simplicity, mccalls, etc. this jacket has a two piece sleeve for a nicer fit and the pattern even had the roll line marked. the instructions don’t have you tape the roll line (though i did) but it’s so nice to have it included without me having to fumble about or just guess.

made her that knit dress over the summer. unblogged… sorry!

burda, i appreciate your efforts!

the sleeve head is not actually puckered, i threw this jacket
in the wash as soon as i finished sewing to help break it in.

she loooooooves this jacket and hardly ever takes it off. she made her friends at school guess whether it was store bought or home made. the consensus was mixed, but i believe she received many compliments. i’m glad she’s still young enough that home made is still acceptable. perhaps the tide will turn some day, hopefully not too soon!

—lisa g.

9 thoughts on “light jacket: burda 9487

  1. Gail says:

    Oh my gosh! So much to say! First off, she is a DOLL! And I love it so much that she loves the jacket you made her! And those Hong Kong seams, and the contrasting undercollar – Lisa, your work is so inspiring!

  2. lisa g. says:

    thanks gail! the poor girl is so awkward in front of the camera it's hard to capture how pretty she is. i do love how this jacket came out, i kind of want one for myself… 🙂

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