mccalls 6388

i’ve been needing to add a few pieces to my oldest daughter’s wardrobe. whenever i bring home/receive in the mail new fabrics, the first thing out of my kids’ mouths is: “is it for me???” the answer is usually no, so i have to appease my conscience by occasionaly making stuff for the ones who are constantly outgrowing their clothes. since anastasia is the first of three girls, she gets all the love (much to the chagrin of her younger sisters). once she outgrows the “mommy-mades” at least there are two standing in the wings to be the next recipient. the baby brother sometimes gets new makes, but since he’s the only boy i have a hard time bringing myself to make clothes that will only get a few month’s wear.

anastasia already has loads of knit tops (of the old navy and target variety) so i picked up mccalls 6388 to make her something in a woven. i found this bright fabric on the clearance table at joanns for $1.50. stupid cheap! it’s from their “homespun” whatever line that hides out in the quilting section. maybe people quilt with this stuff, but all i see are visions of cute dresses and button down tops.

the only design changes i made were to the sleeves. the pattern has a short sleeve with a gathered piece attached to make it long sleeve. i guess that’s cool, but given the bright rainbow-yness of the fabric, i decided to err on the side of not looking like a clown and simplified it. i adjusted the sleeve to be one piece, gathered at the cuff with elastic in a self fabric casing, and shortened to a 3/4 length (she adores the 3/4 sleeve).

other cosmetic changes… i used snaps in place of buttons and cut the yoke portion on the bias for contrast (interfaced to retain shape). the inside yoke/facing i cut on the straight of grain since i didn’t need any stretching to happen. she loves this top and the roomy fit will make it so she doesn’t outgrow it in two weeks. i’m sure her next-in-line sister will have to pry it from her hands when the time comes.

wishing my fellow usa people a wonderful thanksgiving! try not to get trampled on black friday, okay?

—lisa g.

5 thoughts on “mccalls 6388

  1. Gail says:

    "maybe people quilt with this stuff . . ." I started making a quilt with this stuff for my nephew when he was born! Super cute: a mix of these plaids, blue chambray and blue and white ticking. Sadly, he's turning 8 next month. I think the moment has passed!I love it that your kids are asking you to make them stuff!Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Susan says:

    What a cute top! I love the blue pearl snaps. I've seen that homespun too, and have always assumed it was for garments! But Gail, that quilt does sound awesome… 🙂

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