just a quick note!

first off, thanks a million to everyone who voted for my project over on pattern review. i didn’t get first place, but i did come in second! and second place still gets a prize. woooo!

Sewing For Children

also, i am rearranging the page links on my header and adding some content. mostly i’m categorizing my FO pics by year with links to the blog posts. i also added a pattern page where i have the one piece button placket i drafted for my husband’s button down shirt. i don’t have instructions up yet, but i’ll get there (i have fabric for two business shirts that i’ll start shortly so i’ll make a full on step by step with pictures). in the meantime, there are other tutorials out on the interwebs and in sewing books. i know my whole layout isn’t super-slick, but it’ll have to do!

thanks again for the votes!

—lisa g.

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