a couple tees

some may find sewing tee shirts is terribly boring, but i happen to love them. and it’s my blog, so there! here are two more. i had quite a bit of green knit fabric left over from one of my renfrews and since green is my boy’s favorite color, i promised i would make him a tee shirt. i put it off for quite a while because i didn’t know what to do for a boy’s tee. it’s not like i can just throw a ruffle on it and call it a day. i finally got the idea to make a silhouette-type applique of a truck. i found some scraps in one of my many boxes/bags of leftovers and set to work.


i added some knit fusible to the back of the applique, pinned it on the tee, then zig zagged it in place. i used my walking foot to keep it all from stretching. i left the edge raw so it would get a little texture as it gets washed and worn. i didn’t use an existing pattern (there are a few good ones out there here, here, and here) instead i traced off a tee he had in his closet. call me cheap, but we just plunked down $900 on car repairs so… uh… the fabric budget (and basically anything that is non-edible) has been chucked for a couple weeks. boo.


he is super pleased with his new tee! i have a few more boy-friendly colored scraps (and maybe even a few re-fashionable tee shirts…) so hopefully i can pump out a few more for spring.

now on to me… for MONTHS i have looked longingly at the chevron knits at girl charlee. but every time i was ordering, either they were out of the ones i wanted, or i just couldn’t think of how i could incorporate it into a top suitable for an adult. an entire chevron… anything… just seemed like too much. enter the brilliant idea to pair it with a solid! pretty sure this was my sewing sister’s idea (as in she’s my sister and she also sews…). it’s really hard to pair up knits without feeling them, so i studied the weight/content/stretch factor and said a little prayer. fortunately what i picked paired perfectly!


the grey on white chevron was my favorite because it’s more subtle than the brighter options. i don’t have a raglan sleeve pattern per se, so i took the hot cocoa tee by dixie, slashed and overlapped until it was the same size as my renfrew. worked like a charm!


i made the sleeves some random length (finished with a band), made the hem curved like a baseball tee, and added a tiny pocket. love it! the chevron knit is a tiny bit see-through, so i don’t think it would work for a dress unless it were lined, but it is super soft and (duh) CHEVRON! which is awesome. every time i wear it my husband starts asking for his own tee shirts. “just like yours. but probably not with that patterned fabric stuff. just plain.” we shall see, husband. we. shall. see.

—lisa g.

16 thoughts on “a couple tees

  1. Emily says:

    Your chevron t-shirt came out great! I am having a chevron obsession at moment too, but I never thought to incorporated it into a shirt. And your little boy looks adorable too.

  2. Susan says:

    We seem to be cosmically connected or something. Last night, I decided to whip out some more tees for myself, and I was remembering your cut-a-few-at-once comment from last week. So I threw some knits in for pre-washing. Among them was a CHEVRON from my last Girl C order. 😀 Love your variation of Dixie’s pattern, and great way to add fun and personality to your son’s tee!

  3. Gail says:

    LOOOOOOOVE! That is so stinkin’ cute! I also love your hubbie’s comment – “just like yours, but plain!” LOL! Reminds me of the time I knit my brother a sweater and asked what colors he liked. He said, “Bright colors. Like black and white.” Hahahaha! Men!

  4. Megan says:

    love the dixie/sewaholic mash-up. awesome. I, too, love raglan sleeves and i haven’t found a pattern yet that fills that need. maybe, if i’m feeling brave, i’ll try this out!

  5. aleah says:

    Love the shirts – you did two of my favorite things: chevron print and contrast! I’m glad the girl charlee chevron knit worked out – I’ve been sorely tempted by them but I’ve gotten several surprisingly thin striped knits from them lately so I was afraid the chevrons would be too thin to use. I did want a chevron dress, but your top is so cute that that might do!

    • lisa g says:

      it’s so hard to tell without feeling first! i had received a piece as one of my swatches they send out, so i knew what to expect. if i were doing something simple like a tank dress, i would probably suck it up and line it. the chevron is too cute to pass up!

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