costume meets spring outfit

my daughter anastasia is performing in a school play this week and needed a costume. the play is called “Rats!” which is a musical about the pied piper of hamlin. the organizers gave very vague guidelines about what kind of outfit she needed…

“blouse and skirt. preferably knee-length.”

that’s a direct quote. uh, time period? country? color palate? anything??? so i quiz my daughter and her best offering was “before technology.” okay, so i went with a pretty generic outfit here and something that can get plenty of use outside of the play.


i went to joanns for my fabrics and basically i’m never buying fabric there again. the more i shop other fabric stores (which i can’t get to as often because they’re just far enough away that it’s an inconvenience) the more i realize how over-priced joanns is. no wonder they always have stuff on sale and offer 40-50% off coupons continuously! so annoying. anywho… for the skirt i went with a linen-cotten blend fabric that i gathered onto a waistband (elasticized in the back) and lined with some leftover bemberg i had around. i added patch pockets to give it some detail. since the fabric was striped i cut the pockets curved and wide at the top so i could gather them onto a strip of binding. i love how the stripes fan out creating some visual interest without being all look this fabric has stripes so i made them go every direction possible! not that i’m opposed to such, but i wanted to keep it subtle.


finding simple white fabric for the top was challenging though. i didn’t like any of the shirting fabrics, so i ended up with something out of the quilting section. it was reasonably priced and closest to the weight and feel i was looking for. i’m generally against quilting anything in the garments i make because the fabric doesn’t hold up to repeated washings that well, but i didn’t want to spent too much time or money looking for the right fabric! life goes on.


the pattern i half-drafted myself. i only have one kids woven top pattern (mccalls 6388) that i made for her last fall. i like the neckline and thought it would look nice with a peter pan collar, so i took the yoke pieces to get the top started and drafted the rest. i extended the center front line so i could make a fold over placket for buttons. i drafted the collar and finished the inside with bias tape. i’ve never actually made a peter pan collar so i was worried it wouldn’t lay flat, but it seems to be doing just fine.


i really like how the blouse turned out. it’s such a sweet useful top, and i was able to stitch most of it up in one afternoon. hopefully i get around to making this again because the girl could use a few more nice tops!

side note: i’ve recently become addicted to instagram, so if anyone is interested you can find me under lisagaskamp. while i like to snap pics of my sewing stuff (and would love a sewing-enthusiest audience!), my kiddos happen to be super adorable and show up regularly. don’t say i didn’t warn ya.

side, side note: i’ve tried to put the instagram button on my sidebar but it keeps showing all the code along with the button… while i’m not super tech savy i’ve never had that problem before… any ideas?

—lisa g.

10 thoughts on “costume meets spring outfit

  1. littlepostcards says:

    The costume direction you received is funny – not much of a vision there, huh? I imagine it was so people wouldn’t stress out, but it makes the parents who want to put in an effort scratch their heads. You have made an adorable outfit! It looks timeless.

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