this week

i usually have no shortage of things to say, but this week is different. i keep starting, stopping, deleting, rewriting…

if you don’t know, i live about 30 miles west of boston. our family has spent many afternoons wandering around that great city appreciating the history and the sights. we’ve only lived here for three and a half years, but we’ve settled here and we feel like this is exactly where we want to raise our family.

this is from a year ago, almost to the day

this is from a year ago, almost to the day, in boston, ma

we see these tragedies with all too much frequency and yes, it leaves a sense of helplessness and fear. while i can’t do anything on a grand scale, i can be kind to those around me. i can listen when someone has had a bad day. i can give the slow driver in front of me when i’m late taking my son to preschool the benefit of the doubt. i can think twice before yelling at my kids when i’m stressed. i can put my own frustrations into perspective and not let them ruin the good day someone else is having. i can set aside hatred and know that this… this world… is temporary.

—lisa g.

4 thoughts on “this week

  1. aleah says:

    Thank you for writing this – I’m always glad to see these kind of responses to tragedies. I can only hope that someday every one of us on this world will respond to evil with kindness and love. Well said!

  2. Shar says:

    All very good points to remember in daily life. I’ve been watching the news this morning and I have no idea how close you are to Watertown but stay safe!

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