mmm’13: week 4 and then some

i, lisa g. of notes from a mad housewife, sign up as a participant of me-made-may ’13. i endeavour to wear me-mades at least 4 times a week for the duration of may 2013.

the links below are to my original blog posts; my posts have links to pattern info. only so many link-making hours in the day, peeps…

so may is technically longer than 4 weeks, but i have no intention of boring you with a 5th outfit post. you’re welcome. so… what have i learned? well i’ve learned that despite the fact that i put my hair in a pony tail almost every day i still don’t know how to do it stylishly. what? oh… what did i learn about my sewing and wardrobe? sorry… okay last year i really started to focus on making things that i needed and that would get daily wear. for me, that means casual tops, casual dresses, and casual bottoms. what can i say. i’m a stay at home mom, so most of my daily wear needs to be kid-friendly. i try to inject a little fun into my wardrobe and keep it above the sweatpants and ratty tee look.

as far as identifying any gaps… i did notice that i’d like to have a few more woven tops (grainline’s tiny pocket tank and scout tee), a skirt or two (another moss mini, then maybe megan nielsen’s kelly skirt), some thurlow pants (slenderized and cropped), and while i’m at it, i love the knit dresses i have and could use a couple more of those! but, overall, it’s nice to see that i have been able to fill out my everyday wardrobe. just a year ago i didn’t have most of the garments you’ve seen this may. i only committed to wearing four makes a week, but i managed closer to six or seven; MMM or not, this is how i dress all the time now. in fact my husband commented one day: “you look weird; you’re not wearing anything you made.” ha! it was meant (and taken) as a compliment. so yeah, if you run into me on any given day most likely something i have on is self-made; and it is so satisfying to have gotten to that point!

well, as you can see, i have some unblogged items to get to posting on… yay for not having to take daily pics anymore!!!

—lisa g.

8 thoughts on “mmm’13: week 4 and then some

  1. K-Line says:

    Great job. I’m so impressed by people who undertake this challenge. As it happens, I wear handmade things (either knit or sewn) most days. But cataloging it all is an extra layer of commitment to the process that I just don’t have.

    • lisa g says:

      thank you! it is kind of neat to see my daily outfit pics all in one place and get a visual on what i actually wear. just glad the taking pics part is over!

  2. aleah says:

    You had a great month! I can relate to the daily photo annoyance – it’s the main reason I didn’t officially participate this year, though I did wear a me-made every day.
    I am loving the new yellow thurlows, details soon I hope! I have fabric for three pairs of thurlow shorts this year, but all the same I’m envious of that yellow-green color!

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