chartreuse is the new black

here is my latest incarnation of the sewaholic thurlow shorts. can you tell that i love this pattern? this is the fourth time i’ve used it and, if my MMM’13 was any indication, you can see that i wear my thurlows a lot.


no, i didn’t make the blouse. it’s my favorite RTW top though!

i figured since this was my fourth, it was time to change it up a bit. i made them cuffed as the pattern intended, and i changed the front pocket situation. i have no problem with the pockets as drafted, but i really do prefer the slash pockets even though they are supposedly unflattering on figures such as my own. forget about whether or not they draw attention to my hips, they’re just better for hand stashing. and hand stashing usually trumps figure flattering.

sorry hips.


the actual color is slightly more muted than this picture suggests.

can we just talk about this color for a minute? when i went fabric shopping i was looking for a bright pink twill i had seen a couple months ago. i keep seeing bright colored pants and shorts every time i turn around and i definitely wanted in on this trend. alas, the pink was nowhere to be seen. determined to have some twill i grabbed this chartreuse/mustard color. the lady at the cutting table asked what i was going to do with it, and the look on her face told me she didn’t know what to make of this color or why i wanted to wear it. it definitely walks the fabulous? or hideous? line, but i think it’s great. crazy enough, it seems that i have several tops already in my closet that go with it, as if it were a neutral color. who knew that chartreuse was the missing link in my wardrobe?!


well there isn’t much more to say about the thurlow that i haven’t already said (here, here, and here), except that i won’t be retiring this pattern any time soon. on a side note, i am proud to say that i hit a notable milestone regarding pants: i did the fly without consulting any directions. did you catch that? NO DIRECTIONS WERE CONSULTED. a pant fly is now knowledge in my head. and boy does that feel good. auto-pilot sewing is. the. best.


if you haven’t made this pattern yet… what are you waiting for?!

—lisa g.

30 thoughts on “chartreuse is the new black

  1. Susan says:

    See?? Goes with lots-o-stuff? NEUTRAL. Love your shorts! And seriously impressed with the no-instructions thing. I always reference them, even for things I’ve done a hundred times. Dumbo’s feather?

  2. Kelly says:

    Do you sew the fly as instructed in the pattern? I have done it as instructed in the Thurlow pattern, and also the Grainline Moss skirt…I’m not sure that I am 100% happy with either one but I probably just need more practice. Yours looks so good, I am curious which way you do it!

    • lisa g says:

      i tried the grainline way with my denim moss mini, but i’m just not sold on it. i think i pretty much follow the thurlow way, but i’m convinced that something is off either in the directions or the pattern markings, because i’ve had small issues with the way things line up. once it clicked in my head and i really understood what i was doing i’ve been able to do it by memory/instinct. next time i’ll try to take pics so i can show how i do it!

      • Kelly says:

        Yeah, if I remember right my Thurlows didn’t quite match up right either. My first moss mini worked out great, the second time I ripped out the fly like three times before I got it to look OK. I would love to see pics next time if you get a chance!

  3. dokucug says:

    Wait a minute . . . I thought slash pockets were supposed to be slenderizing, because they create a diagonal. Have I been laboring under a delusion all these years?!

    Love these shorts. I’m a big fan of this color, and wore it a ton several years ago. It does go with lots of other colors – definitely a neutral!

    • lisa g says:

      i think the tendency of the pockets to stick out a little is where the “problem” is. i don’t buy it though, and i agree with you that the line breaks up the width! and thanks! i’ll be wearing these a lot. 🙂

  4. Thimble & Cork says:

    These shorts are fantastic! I love the color and it seriously makes me want to finally buy the Thurlow pattern. I’ve never had a desire to make pants (mostly because I’m terrified of them) but I could definitely use some shorts – and these are so flattering and perfect. Great job!!

    • lisa g says:

      do it! overall the pattern is so well drafted it’s easy to get a professional finish. i just love that i can make shorts for cheap instead of spending $30+ whenever i want a new color!

  5. Kathi Giumentaro says:

    Love the shorts. Did you get this fabric at the Fabric Place Basement? If you did, I have this same fabric. The women cutting it asked what on earth I was going to make with it and I told her shorts. She said “EEW”. Ha ha ha haaa. What a stinker. I have my fabric washed and ready to be cut. Seeing your shorts has motivated me to get going on my pair.

  6. aleah says:

    I love the color too! The same magic goes-with-more-than-I-thought thing happened to me too with the yellow capri pants I made last year, and I wear them all the time.
    And I’m super impressed by the from memory fly – the opposite is true for me: I can understand how the fly goes together when I’ve got the instructions and the pieces in front of me, but as soon as I don’t have either one it all goes out the window! Hopefully once I make the two pairs I’ve got planned this month I’ll be able to wrap my head around it without the instruction sheet…

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