making stuff for the kiddos…

i really needed to do some sewing for the kiddos, so for the last couple weeks i’ve made almost exclusively kid stuff. i’ll try not to bore you too much, but i take the same approach with kid makes that i do my own. good techniques, finishing, etc. if you phase out, i totally understand. in fact i only follow a handful of sewing blogs that feature almost exclusively kid stuff. why? well a lot of it is way too crafty for my tastes and frankly, too picturesque. i mean really. who let’s their kids run around in a field of flowers with the sun at just the right angle to get that lovely glint… whatever. recently i have relented and added a few of those blogs to give me ideas for using up my too small to make anything for me fabric leftovers. so, while this may look like a kids’ make blog for a bit, things will return to normal in no time. promise!

photo 2

first up: a tee for my boy, oliver. i got this stripy knit from and went back to the RTW tee tracing i made up here. i roughly graded it up a size so it should fit him awhile. when i finished the shirt i hadn’t put a pocket on the front and he promptly asked me where the pocket was. okay fine—i added a pocket and he said: “okay, now it’s finished!” the boy loves his pockets!

photo 3

don’t you just wanna squish him? he’s the most cuddle-tastic kid ever.

photo 4

next i wanted to make a new tote bag for my daughter, anastasia, to give to her as a birthday gift. ohemgeee… she just turned nine. how the heck did that even happen? ahem. so she is a serious lover of books. she began reading at a very young age and by the time she was in kindergarten she had abandoned the picture books in favor of the boxcar children and nancy drew. she reads at an astounding rate (and finishes multiple books every day!) so it’s very difficult to keep an adequate supply of reading material. when we make our library visits, her tote bag is filled to the brim.

photo 1

craptastic pic… this color seriously messes with my camera!

i noticed that having a wider based tote would make it so much easier for her to fill her bag—the 3-4″ bases most tote bags offer are just too narrow—so i cut the bag to have a wide 6″ base. instead of cutting off the excess at the bottom corners i topstitched it to the outside for a little extra book carrying durability.

photo 2

i used leftover fabrics from my most recent pair of shorts and the jacket i made for her last fall. i picked up some quilting cotton to line the tote bag and make some interior pockets. she has a pocket to hold her kindle, another pocket to hold pens/pencils/etc. the other side of the interior has a zippered pocket.

photo 1

the pocket kinda disappears in there thanks to my awesome pattern matching. 🙂

as a whole the bag turned out great! the only thing i was kicking myself for was not making the straps long enough to extend the whole width of the facing so i could topstitch an X for reinforcement. i used the triple stitch for all the topstitching since i didn’t have enough foresight to pick up topstitching thread. triple stitching is wicked annoying, but a single stitch just doesn’t have enough beef, imo, for this sort of thing. the bag was well-received and should last her many years to come.

photo 3

i made sure to write down the dimensions i used because kinda want my own now…

—lisa g.

11 thoughts on “making stuff for the kiddos…

  1. dokucug says:

    Yes. I want to squish Oliver. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy! What a cutie pie! All your kids are just adorable – I certainly don’t mind you featuring them once in a while, as long as we still get to see your amazing Lady Clothes!

    I’m loving the bag too – that turned up corner looks really cool as well as adding strength!

    • lisa g says:

      haha not creepy at all! i can’t take him anywhere without someone telling me how cute he is. and there will certainly be plenty lady clothes… just taking a slight detour! 🙂

  2. poppykettle says:

    Your little boy is the biggest cutie pie!! Gorgeous colour on him and you really can’t go past a pocket on a tee 🙂
    What I love most about your bag is the topstitched triangle at the base – a great little detail. And lined, too! Was the magnetic closure thing easy to add in?

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! the magnetic snap is super easy to add. it has prongs you cut little slits in the fabric for, then there is a metal backing that you fold the prongs around. takes two seconds!

  3. jen says:

    The first paragraph of this post is pure magic – I feel the same way about style bloggers. That tee looks adorable and I love the bag!

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