tiny pocket tank

given my infatuation with all things grainline studio, i thought it was time i corrected the wrong of not yet having made a tiny pocket tank (or scout tee, for that matter… will get to that soon also!). i have a handful of cotton voile sorbettos and while that is a nice little free pattern, it took a bit of hacking to get the shape and length i needed. so i decided to try the TPT. i like the swingy silhouette, and a woven tank feels like the grown up version of the knit old navy tanks i used to live in during the summers. thankfully, they don’t much make it past pj tops anymore because they’re worn to bits… i recently ordered a whole load of fabrics from fashionfabricsclub.com when they had one of their massive sales so i picked out this solid emerald green cotton voile (love this color!) and sewed it up yesterday. after all the kid sewing (and several makes i haven’t yet blogged…) i needed a quick something for myself.


[long side note: i took a nasty fall on my morning run two weeks ago. don’t know how, but i managed to tear up the heel of my right hand, bruise and scrape up my right knee, my left shoulder, elbow and left side of my face, and my husband is pretty sure i had a mild concussion… i was able to finish the last mile and a half of my run despite the spotty vision, which i now recognize was a rather stupid thing to do. i totally didn’t realize how much damage i had done! while i’ve mostly healed up, i’ve started to wonder if i didn’t fracture my cheekbone or tear some muscle. it still hurts a little to the touch and my smile looks so weird now! my cheek is sore just from smiling for these pics. ugh! i’m sure nobody would notice but me, but there you have it. if i look funny, that’s why.]


overall this top is a win, and definitely wearable. there are a few things i need to modify to get a better fit though. first off, the dart placement is too low. i have a high bust so that dart needs to head north at least 1/2″. also, i think i need to lessen the dart intake by about 1/2″ for a SBA. i think this would be less noticeable if the dart were positioned correctly for my body, but it’s pretty clear that my dart is only partially filled. oh yeah, and i need a good inch added to the neckline. i’ll probably have to layer this with a cami, because as is there’s too much wardrobe malfunction potential.


the dart on this top seems different than most. it hinges the top part instead of the bottom (or some combination of the two), so the side seam above the dart ends up on the bias. sure, a bust dart is a bust dart, but if you need to alter the dart it’s important to know how the pattern works. i’ve seen a few reviews mention tightness above the bust and under the arm and i think how the dart hinges and/or the dart position, is behind all that.


hopefully i’ll make a few more TPT’s so i can verify my pattern changes, because it’s a great pattern to have in the arsenal!

—lisa g.

17 thoughts on “tiny pocket tank

  1. aleah says:

    Nice! I’ve been torn about the woven tank trend – on one hand I can’t imagine eshewing a knit tank for a woven one on an average day, but on the other hand cute versions like this are popping up all over and I’m starting to be swayed!
    Sorry about your fall – ouch! I will say that I scraped up my chin really badly in my bike crash last year (no concussion though… too bad you can’t really wear a helmet as a runner!) and even after it was basically healed it still was sore for months and not as flexible. I think scar tissue in the face feels weirder than scar tissue anywhere else, because we’re so used to the skin being really elastic there (especially the cheek). Hope it feels better soon!

    • lisa g says:

      i’m also a huge knits fan, and i thought the same way. however, wovens are far less clingy and are super comfortable in the summer time. give it a try, i bet you would be convinced!

      you’re probably right about the scar tissue thing. being my face, it’s just so much more noticeable to me! hopefully i’ll regain full function of my left cheek… i suppose there are worse things that could happen!

  2. Susan says:

    Lisa!! I can’t believe you ran another mile and a half after falling like that. smh. Speedy recovery, girl!

    This is too funny — I’m just working on my Scout pattern today. (I can’t find my tweaked pattern *anywhere,* but I’ve learned a lot and kind of want to see if I can apply some new fitting theory anyway). Your TPT is great, and also, I love the monochromatic thing going on in these pics. Your outfit, the trees and grass, all the extremely different shades of green. Très cool.

    • lisa g says:

      thanks, it seems any pain from running blocks out other pains and i just didn’t really feel anything or have any idea how bad i was! hopefully that is a one time experience…

      bummer on losing the tweaked scout! hate it when i misplace my pattern tracings. i finally bought a stack of large manilla envelopes and i’m trying to be better at cleaning up one mess before moving on to the next. i’m curious to see what sort of pattern changes you make on the scout, i know i should muslin it because i’m super in love with the fabric i plan to use, but i also want it *right now*!! i’ll try and do the right thing…

  3. Shar says:

    First off – that fall sounded terrible! Maybe you should have a doctor check out your cheekbone just to be sure since you wouldn’t want any problems with your teeth etc. I’m glad you’re on the mend though. I really like the color of your TPT. If you do make another one, please post your changes if you get the chance. I think I would have to make similar ones. I just finished up a Scout tee (no darts on this one) and I love how it turned out. Jen posted some knit versions on her site and I’d like to try that too.

    • lisa g says:

      it’s funny about my cheek, i had bruising that lasted a long time, but it wasn’t really all that awful in comparison to my my right knee and hand. hopefully it just needs time!

      i’ll definitely make a post on what pattern changes i make since i haven’t really seen anyone else’s pattern alterations, though i’ve searched! good to hear you were successful with the scout. i keep wavering on whether or not to make a muslin first! i know i should…

      • Shar says:

        I cut up a dress I never wore to make mine. I made a straight size 4. I’ll probably take a little width off of the back next time, but that’s not an unusual adjustment for me. With your skills, you’ll be able to whip one up in no time!

      • lisa g says:

        oooh that’s a good idea, i might scrounge around for some potentially wearable bits that wouldn’t bother me to use as a first run.

  4. dokucug says:

    I’m so sorry you had such a nasty fall. I hope you’re completely better very soon.

    I’m so impressed with all your discussion of how the dart hinges – I would never have noticed something like that! I’m hoping to try the Scout this summer (sewing along with a friend who’s new to sewing) so I’ll be interested to hear your notes on that one as well.

    This color is fantastic, and it’s so great with your chartreuse shorts!

    • lisa g says:

      thanks, now that the other aches are gone i keep noticing my cheek so much more! hopefully it just needs more time.

      i’ll try and post more about the dart soon after altering my pattern. i didn’t really notice how it worked until i was actually sewing. then i recalled the tight across the bust issues others had and it all clicked. also, i’m guessing the dartless scout will be great for us with less ample busts… here’s hoping!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry about your fall and I hope you’re feeling better soon. I sure didn’t notice anything “funny” about your lovely smile so it must feel a lot worse than it looks!
    These is such a cute little top, and looks great on you. I really prefer woven tank tops to knit ones too nowadays!

  6. Kelly says:

    This is one of the only Grainline patterns I haven’t tried, other than the Kat dress. I really don’t *need* darts, I am wondering if I should just start removing them from all of my patterns. With your awesome fitting skills I am sure you will beat this pattern into submission next time around, but this one still looks cute! Your fall sounds awful, glad you are healing up!

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