jedediah pants by Thread Theory

if you haven’t heard of the new pattern company Thread Theory, you’re in for a treat! or at least the men in your life are. as i sew more and more of my family’s wardrobe, that means my husband, nathan, occasionally gets a new piece to add to his closet. after sewing a few shirts earlier this year, it was time to start making some pants. the state of available menswear patterns is pretty uninspiring to say the least. clearly there is a gap in the market waiting to be filled, and Thread Theory patterns is posed to be one of the first in line to fill that gap. they have an up-to-date take on classic looks and i am very excited to see where they are headed.

pardon the rumpled appearance, these have already been worn several times and gone through the wash. what can i say… he likes his new shorts!


i’ve been following Thread Theory for a short while, and when i saw their newest pattern offering, the jedediah pants, the release couldn’t come soon enough! my husband is on the smaller end of menswear sizes and pants, in particular, are almost always too big and way too long. i immediately begged offered to be on the list of pattern testers, and when the call went out i jumped at the chance. since i’ve done a lot of pants and shorts lately, i can knock them out relatively quickly. of course i’m accustomed to not following pattern directions, so forcing myself to actually read every step was a huge challenge for me. however, for the sake of pattern testing, i figured i should!

photo 1

the jedediah pants are a casual pant with a dressy edge. they have a flat front, slash pockets, back patch pockets, and back yoke. the great thing about this pattern in particular is the fact that they have included instructions for things like flat-felling seams, bar tacking points that need reinforcement, and even french seaming the pocket bags (p.s. i have a tutorial on that if you need a visual). they also include the pocket facing pieces and the fly shield. it is a fold-over fly facing, but since every other detail is there, i won’t complain.

for this pair i used a medium-heavy cotton twill and went with a shorts length. i love the cuffed variation the pattern offers, but my fabric was a bit bulky so i ended up hemming them to knee length. if you’re not into the tapered leg it would be super easy to change it up, depending on what look your guy prefers.


as far as the fit goes, nathan typically wears a 30 in RTW so that is what i cut. as i was sewing them up, i thought i should check for sure what his measurements actually are, and lo and behold his waist is closer to 32″. afraid they would end up too small, i sewed the side seams at 3/8″ as well as the back seam. this left him plenty of room, but now the waistband i cut was too small. i had more fabric, but instead of cutting a new waistband (heaven forbid i waste fabric!), i simply pieced it right under the button closure where it won’t be visible. lesson: actually measure your guy’s waist. i believe these are sized a little slimmer than your typical RTW, but the pattern does include finished measurements to help get a proper fit.

photo 2

since this is the first pair of pants i’ve sewn for my husband, this will definitely be my go-to for a casual pant or shorts. the fit is great, and it’s nice to see him in clothes that do fit instead of drowning his frame. the only downside is that once you’ve been bitten by the custom fit bug, you just can’t go back! he’s already requested more. πŸ™‚ if you’ve thought of making pants for your guy, there will also be a sew-a-long over on the Thread Theory blog beginning august 15th to help you through the process. however if you’re impatient and want to get started sooner, the included directions are very thorough, even if you’ve never sewn pants before. seriously. they left nothing out!

photo 3

so what do you think… tempted to sew a pair for your guy?

β€”lisa g.

27 thoughts on “jedediah pants by Thread Theory

  1. Jacinta says:

    I have been eyeing this pattern! I definitely want to sew a pair for my hubby who has a small waist and long legs … hard to find pants that are long enough. The shorts look so professional – great job. If I wasn’t about to have a baby in five weeks time I’d be working on this pattern asap. In the meantime, he’ll have to wait a few months… πŸ˜‰

  2. dokucug says:

    Really nice! I think these patterns look so great – I wish they were the kind of clothes my hubby wears! I do think I’ll buy the henley pattern once it’s available, he can wear those on the weekends.

  3. kathi giumentaro says:

    Your husband’s shorts look great. I am afraid to make a pair for my husband. He loved the first shirt I made him so much that he requested more. 7 shirts later they are the only shirts he wears. I have 3 cut out on my table right now. I think if I make him pants that will open a can of worms I don’t have time for.

  4. joelle says:

    ohh these looks great!!! the pattern is perfect, and well, your sewing is impeccable as always. i had vaguely heard of thread theory, but i will now follow avidely!

  5. dandeliondrift says:

    My husband has seen the pattern and gave me the go ahead. This will be the first thing I have made or him (other than pajamas) so I am super excited!

  6. cathy says:

    oo ooo oo! i’ve been eyeing their patterns but have been holding off since im doing long distance and need to wait until i see my boy next… but so glad to see your version and with all the tips!

  7. Sally @ thequirkypeach says:

    Now that is a great pair of shorts! Lol – I will definitely be adding this to my list – I don’t make enough clothes for the hubs… tsk tsk… haha – thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚ They really look great!

  8. Jane says:

    Wow, all the finishing details make these look super-professional. Great work and great review of the pattern. I’m afraid my husband is not a very enthusiastic wearer of home-made – unlike me & the kids – so… he’d really have to ask super nicely to get these πŸ™‚

  9. Shar says:

    Thread Theory couldn’t have asked for a better pattern tester! These look great – no wonder your husband wants more! My husband is slim, but when I showed him the pattern he wasn’t sure he liked the way they tapered. I’ll have to check out the sewalong to see if they show any variations. He does like the henley and the cardigan patterns.

  10. Andrea B says:

    I’m behind on my blog reader but your comment on my Instagram made me check to see if you had posted about this pattern. Yay! They do look great and I’m glad to hear they’re true to size. I just cut a muslin out for my boyf so fingers crossed that they’ll fit because it would be great for him to have pants that fit his tiny waist and ostrich legs. I’m lazier than thou so I doubt I’ll do flat-felled seams but Corey won’t know the difference… Anyway, great job!!

  11. poppykettle says:

    They’re fabulous! And a great save on the waistband. It’s so great to see some menswear patterns coming out – Sarah from SewSquirrel has always said that the Negroni pattern is one of her best sellers, so clearly there is a market for some manly patterns! I hope they do well…. and maybe when I’ve made a better dent in my practical sewing list, I’ll be sewing up these for my beau πŸ™‚

  12. dixie says:

    ooooh, these look great. i like that you made shorts, my guy would love some custom shorts but his body is oddly shape, maybe I’ll tackle it someday. I do really like these new thread theory patterns.

    once again your garments look totally RTW!

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