what i am wearing to stave off the cold

guys, i don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s been a flipping long and cold winter here in the northeast US. this is the winter that will not for the love of all that is holy end! since winter is refusing to leave, i made two tops to help keep me toasty warm—a raglan sweatshirt and a cowl neck renfrew.


for the renfrew, i used a knit blend of some sort (poly/rayon i believe). this is a super cozy top that i’ve been wearing frequently. i love the colors, and it’s super soft and snuggly. what more could i ask for? i made the size 8, which is a roomy fit. since waistlines tend to expand in the winter months i decided to err on the side of roomy…


the only change i made was to cut the cowl neck as one piece that gets folded in half. i just don’t see the need to have two separate pieces. also, i lengthened the sleeves by making an extra wide cuff, and lengthened the body to omit the hem band. i like the hem band finish, just not for everything.

for the sweatshirt, i used the lane raglan tee put out recently by hey june of crafterhours. i’ve been wanting a raglan pattern, and this one fit the bill. i used one of those cotton interlock knits that have nice stretch, but not so much recovery. i haven’t found that type of fabric terribly useful for most projectes, but for this sweatshirt, it was perfect. the fabric actually came from a box of “too large to throw out” scraps that Gail from Today’s Agenda sent me last summer. i had less than 3/4 yd, which was just enough to eek out this pattern, thanks to the 1/4″ SA’s. then i used contrast ribbing for the neckline and sleeve/hem bands, and even added the little triangle patch for good measure. this i also have been wearing non-stop due to the afore mentioned cold weather.


miracle of miracles… today is a “warm” (mid-40s F) day! outdoor pics!! no color editing!!!

i happen to really love navy and black together, but i wasn’t so sure if it would look okay paired in the same top. i went for it anyways, and i’m glad i did! i love the monochrome look with this outfit (my skirt, natch, is a moss mini), and the black ribbing sets it off nicely.


i wanted this sweatshirt to be a little oversized, so i didn’t pay a ton of attention to the fit. when i make it up in a regular jersey, i’ll have to compare it to my renfrew, since this type of fabric is terrible for gauging size. here i cut the small, and the size chart only gives the waist finished measurement. the small has a 33.5″ finished measurement size, and to be honest i was a little thrown for a loop when deciding which one to choose (my actual waist measure is 29″-ish). but like i said, for this sweatshirt i really just wanted a slouchy comfy top!


given that the cold weather tends to overstay it’s welcome in this part of the universe, i should really make a handful more of each of these. maybe in spring colors so i can pretend it’s not still cold? yeah, that sounds good.

—lisa g.

23 thoughts on “what i am wearing to stave off the cold

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! i noticed a RTW cowl top i have was cut that way, so i figured it was legit. it didn’t seem to make any difference in how it drapes, so i’m sticking with this method.

  1. Kelly says:

    I have wondered why that cowl is in two pieces, I will cut it in one piece on my next one! I bought that raglan pattern too and I am happy to see your version- my plan was to make sweatshirts with it too and I love how yours looks! Hope your weather warms up soon!

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! the raglan is so perfect for sweatshirts, plus super fast to make. there are signs of spring with a few warm-ish days in the forecast… fingers crossed!

  2. Katie says:

    That sounds like a much easier way to do a cowl. Great cold-weather tops. I am so done with sewing for winter, though. I’m starting my parade of spring tops tonight 🙂

    • lisa g says:

      realistically i’ll need long sleeve tops until the end of april. that i don’t mind; the bitter cold can kiss my patootie though. can’t wait to see your new tops!

  3. Annette says:

    I am on my way to sewing spring wear. I think our winter in Northern California is over. Out of no where it is going to the 80’s this weekend. I prefer the cold weather clothing.

  4. aleah says:

    Great tops! l love a raglan, and I always forget how much until I see one again. On the list!
    And I don’t mean to rub it in, but our “winter” here in Southern California is never long enough for me to make more than one cozy long sleeve top… But real summer weather doesn’t start until September, so I basically live in 3/4 sleeves most of the year and that’s the vast majority of what I make. It’s just a slightly warmer type of monotony, I guess.

    • lisa g says:

      i’m the same way! i adore raglan tops, yet i’ve made so few for myself! must rectify that. i mostly don’t mind cold weather–i like the cozy clothes. i’m just done with the bitter cold. thankfully, we should finally be warming up to seasonal temps!

  5. Shar says:

    I’ll take one each please! Great tip on the cowl neck! Right after I’m done writing this, I’m going to click the Lane raglan link and buy it. I thought about trying to raise the neckline on NL6230, but the Lane looks like a better way to go. I LOVE that Moss Mini (it’s the one with the hidden fly, right?)! It’s chilly right through May sometimes so I’m looking to sew up some lightweight long sleeved tees. I hope you’re not getting the Wed/Thurs storm.

    • lisa g says:

      i’m pretty firmly against any big 4 knit patterns. i have yet to see anyone happy about them! and yes, that is the hidden fly moss–love that skirt! bummer about this latest storm… mostly rain here until temps flash freeze everything overnight. le sigh… i’ll need more sweatshirts, for sure!

  6. dokucug says:

    I can’t believe you got an adult-sized shirt out of that blue piece of fabric! You really are a master! I’ve been looking for a nice raglan too, so I’ll be interested to see what you think after you’ve made it in a more appropriate fabric.

  7. Sara says:

    These look nice and warm! I especially like the raglan sweatshirt. I love the combo of navy and black. I have begun to sew for Spring and lucky for us the weather is gorgeous these days in South Western France.

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