sleeveless archer

a while back i ordered some tencel chambray (this one, while it’s still available… it’s gorgeous stuff). my intent was to use it for a modified CP laurel or the salme buttonless shirtdress, but i felt it was borderline too thin to go sans lining, and i don’t own a slip. it’s on my list of things to make though! since my initial plan wasn’t working out, i decided to make the sleeveless archer i’ve been wanting. must bend to the will of the fabric gods, amiright?


this top looks less frumpy tucked in (or partially tucked… let’s be real) but i left it out for the sake of photos

i searched teh interwebs for everyone’s tips on how to make the archer sleeveless. i followed jen’s advice and wedged out part of the back shirt piece and moved the shoulder seam in (1-1.5″). i also moved the under arm up and in, by about 1/2″ both directions. i was worried about potentially gape-y armholes, and that seemed to do the trick. i typically have to shorten the depth of armholes, so raising it may just be something i need to do. better to cut away excess than wish you had more!


i also decided to make it a popover and sew a placket down the front. i debated the length of the placket for a long time, and in the end i wish it were an inch or two longer. it bugs me that the placket and pockets end at about the same place; didn’t even consider that! i also altered the pocket shape to be smaller, left off the collar, and subbed gathers for the back pleat.

my little photo-bomber. at least he's wearing a mommy-made tee ;-)

my little photo-bomber. at least he’s wearing a mommy-made tee 😉

i’m pretty in love with this shirt! i have another sleeveless archer planned, which i’ll hopefully get to soon. i scored a gorgeous polka dot fabric recently and it’s high time i honored this great pattern with some silk, doncha think?

lisa g.

25 thoughts on “sleeveless archer

  1. lilysageandco says:

    Haha you are very funny. The plackets and pockets look great! But isn’t it funny what our own eyes pick up on. Great top. Bet you will get loads of wear out of it. Chambray is so versatile.

    • lisa g says:

      it always seems like there’s something i wish i would have done differently… oh well, i’m over it! i’ve worn this top a bunch so far, it’s so perfect for summer.

  2. Katie says:

    I really like this top! Sleeveless button downs aren’t usually my cup of tea, but I would totally wear this one! Maybe it’s the popover style. Well, whatever it is, great top!

    • lisa g says:

      you know, i wasn’t a huge fan of the sleeveless button downs either, but at some point a switch flipped and i suddenly needed one! plus, it’s nice for layering with cardigans for spring/fall. it’s always more effort than it’s worth to stuff sleeves into a sweater…

  3. sewmaris says:

    Love it Lisa! I have a sleeveless Archer on my short list too. I was thinking that I should raise armholes, so thanks for confirming that. I think Archer wants to be tucked in since it is so straight – but that might just be me. It is a great shirt!

    • lisa g says:

      yes, definitely raise the armholes if you’ve the slightest inclination you might need it! i could actually go higher than the 1/2″ i did here, but that’s just my small upper frame. i frequently to a petite adjustment above the bust, but i guess i never did that on this pattern…

  4. poppykettle says:

    Lovely! And such a beautiful match with your chartreuse shorts 🙂 I’m really liking the front placket, and whilst I think the length is proportionally good, I can totally see what you mean about the pocket height making it all a little too ‘in line’. Definitely suitable for a slinky silk version!!

  5. christinatina says:

    I love this style, yours looks great! I’m scouring the internet and can’t find how much I should remove from the front pattern piece when cutting on the fold! I’m nervous about accidentally making the neckline too short and not being able to attach the collar! Can you let me know how much you took out when cutting on the fold?

    • lisa g says:

      I believe the cutting line for the placket side is also the center front. The placket is 1″ wide, so with a 1/2″ SA, that makes it easy. Just line up the fold with that line and you’re good to go!

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