project dump

I totally failed on blogging all my makes this year, so I’m just going to dump them all in one post! Here are 20 projects that I either photographed and never blogged, or only posted on IG. All the photos are numbered and you can scroll down to the bottom for pattern info. Also, if you click on a photo you can scroll through them all easily.

Pattern Info:

  1. (Burda 08/2011 #146) I made these back in January and they’ve been worn a lot! They’re getting too small now and have a hole in the knee, but these were a definite favorite. He calls them his “truck butt” pants because of the fancy back pocket stitching.
  2. (Anywhere Dress) This is a great simple pattern. My oldest daughter is taller on the charts than she is wide, so I added several inches in length. I also swapped the facing for regular t-shirt neck binding. Huge winner! She receives many compliments whenever she wears it.
  3. (Self-drafted, used the Flashback Skinny Tee as a start) Again, for my oldest daughter. I used the topstitch function on the serger to finish the hems.
  4. (Anywhere Dress) This was for daughter #2. The floral print was very stiff and painted on, but it worked great as a shift dress. I altered the shoulder for a small kimono sleeve and color-blocked with some navy cotton spandex. She wears this dress all. the. time.
  5. (Tiny Pocket Tank) I was determined to get this pattern perfected because I love these tanks! This is a rayon challis, which is a perfect fabric for this style.
  6. (Tiny Pocket Tank) Also in rayon challis, with a few fitting tweaks. Still not perfect, but very close. I wear both tanks frequently, as they layer nicely with blazers and cardigans.
  7. (Hemlock Tee dress) This is the second Hemlock dress I made (first here, with a short tutorial), and both were big winners this year. Love this style for casual wear!
  8. (Saltspring) I really like this dress, but it’s a bit of a fail in terms of my lining choice. The lining is too stiff, and so it only got worn a couple times. I plan to take it apart and re-line it in a rayon challis so it will drape nicer. I like it too much to let it languish in the closet!
  9. (McCalls 6919) Love this little dress on my daughter! The top is denim, and the bottom is a cotton batik. Mccalls kids patterns seem to run huge in the chest, so it’s not perfect fit-wise. No matter, she wore this constantly during the summer.
  10. (McCalls 6833) I like this dress in theory more than in practice. It’s super cute, fits perfectly, and is fun to wear! However, it’s a little revealing at the neckline and the straps need adjusted to cover my bra straps. I’ll re-visit strap placement in the spring, and maybe even get a babysitter since it would be great for a date night in the summer!
  11. (Flashback Skinny Tee) I use this pattern a lot for t-shirts and t-shirt variations. Here I cut the bodice short and added a gathered skirt. Now that it’s winter, she layers long sleeve shirts and tights underneath.
  12. (Hemlock Tee) This is a thin drape-y rayon jersey. I wear this every single time it comes out of the wash. I love the color, the floral print, and it works well with a cardigan.
  13. (Scout Tee) I picked up this really fab chambray stripe fabric when I was in Austin, TX. It is lightweight and breezy and soft and just generally a really awesome fabric!
  14. (Burda 08/2012 #152) My son just loves button up shirts, so I picked up this shirting from Joanns. It’s a teeny-tiny stripe, which was super annoying to sew! But, this is another frequently-worn shirt, and he looks so sharp in it! Great pattern too, btw.
  15. (Jalie 2919) I love Jalie. You get a huge bang for your buck with their patterns. This cardigan is for my oldest daughter, and she practically lives in it. I adjusted the design by moving the shoulder seam forward, and ditching the stitched pleats in favor of gathers. I want one just like it for me!
  16. (Hudson Pants) I have nothing to say about this pattern that hasn’t already been said. I love these pants and wear them always! I used ribbing for the waistband (and so cut the waistband several inches smaller so it wouldn’t be gathered), and a cotton/spandex french terry for the pant. They’re kind of an ugly color, but the black contrast makes it work for me. NEED MOAR HUDSONS.
  17. (Burda 10/2010 #147b) I made this for my oldest daughter out of a chambray floral print from Joanns. I lengthened the hem so she can wear it with tights and left off the waist casing in favor of a self-fabric skinny belt. I rounded off the collar and cuff and used pearl snaps. Love, love, love this dress!
  18. (Flashback Skinny Tee) Another dress variation, this time with a cowl neck. Hands down, this is her current favorite dress.
  19. (Simplicity 1366//Grainline Alder) To be blogged…
  20. (Simplicity 1366//Grainline Hemlock) Also to be blogged…

I’ll update the Grainline Studio links when her shop is back up.

I know there are still a few things that didn’t make it to the blog… some tees, leggings, a dress another pair of kid pants… but this list at least appeases my repressed OCD about getting all my makes on the blog.

Happy 2015 everyone!

—lisa g.

31 thoughts on “project dump

  1. MsMcCall says:

    wow, this is EPIC! I love the little pop up numbers, so nifty! That Jalie cardigan is super sweet, and your scout tees are really lovely. If I ever get up the energy to do an FBA I will have to try that pattern out. I bet it feels good to get all that blogging out of the way! Here’s to a clean slate for 2015!

    • lisa g says:

      It felt great to finally post all that! I’m sure you could add a bust dart to the scout tee quite easily. It’s such a nice little pattern to have on hand!

  2. teri dodds says:

    The truck butt pants are fantastic– I’d love to know how you did the topstitching. Did you draw the truck on and sew over it? It’s so fun! I really love that striped chambray Scout tee. I remember you posting it on Instagram and I’ve been dreaming about buying some of the fabric since then.

    • lisa g says:

      I think I just drew it on the pocket piece with a pencil and stitched over it. There might be lightweight interfacing behind it… not sure. I was so happy with how it came out! That scout tee chambray is sooo soft. Seriously great fabric if you can track it down!

    • lisa g says:

      I was pretty pleased with myself for that idea! And I wore the polka dot sweatshirt for NYE (cuz I’m a homegirl like that…) and it was perfect. Can’t wait to post about it!

    • lisa g says:

      Sad thing is I can think of several more, including a pair of corduroy pants I made my husband. Oh well… maybe this year I’ll be better about posting!

  3. crab&bee says:

    I meant to do this, but completely lost motivation. Maybe you satisfying your OCD will suffice for mine 🙂 Congrats on your year of making awesome, wearable garments!

    • lisa g says:

      It’s actually a nice way to get all the makes that don’t require an extensive post out of the way. Darn IG makes me lazy about posting finished projects these days…

  4. Tia Dia says:

    Now this is a great idea for a year-end round-up. Enjoyed seeing all your un-blogged makes. I have so many, too, because getting blog-worthy photos can be such a pita! Cheers for a fun sewing 2015!

    • lisa g says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, it certainly felt good to get all these out there! I like to write and I like to sew… but I hate getting photographs and editing them!

  5. offsquare says:

    What an inspiring round up! Some new projects here I should be trying. Your Tiny Pocket Tank tweaks look great too with a good fit. I’ve been trying to fix the fit for months now and it’s doing my head in. What did you do?!

    • lisa g says:

      I really intended to do a fitting post on the Tiny Pocket Tank, just never got around to it. The biggest thing is getting the dart position right (I had to raise it maybe 1/2″). The other is changing the strap angle. I sliced from the side of the neckline to the armhole, then opened it up 1/4″ or so (pivoting at the armhole). That does lower the neckline, so you may need to adjust that. A lot of people had tightness above the bust, and making that small change did wonders!

      • offsquare says:

        Lisa, you absolute legend! I’ve just sized up and made those adjustments (although I added about 2cm to the neckline slash) and it worked beautifully! It also relieved the weird wrinkles from the bust toward the waist. Oh man, I can’t tell you how happy I am. Thanks so much!

  6. Carolyn says:

    You’ve been so productive! I can see why blogging fell by the wayside 😀 You’ve made some really beautiful creations last year and I wish for 2015 to be just as inspiring and creative for you 🙂

  7. Mary says:

    I really really wish I’d thought of those ‘truck-butt’ pockets,. They are awesome and you could probably set them up on etsy as a pdf for download. Should be worth two or three dollars per download, no? I imagine a slightly elongated pocket with a rocket in the back would be great too…. Hmm, has me thinking.

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