McCalls 6948

Making tiny dresses for my girls has a way of becoming very addictive. Not many fit issues to worry about, small yardage, and quick to make. I bought this blue rose fabric last fall-ish, rescued from the clearance table at Joanns. It’s one of those rare sightings of rayon challis—wish they’d stock more of this instead of all the nasty poly prints they have in so much abundance. I really planned to use this fabric for myself, but the scale of the print seemed either too big or too small… just right for a pint size dress though. 🙂

I took these photos just over a week ago… that white stuff was our last little pile of snow!


McCalls 6948 was just the ticket. Seriously cute pattern if you have girls to sew for! It’s kind of like a mini Sewaholic Saltspring, complete with several variations. My girls are all asking me for maxi skirts or dresses, so I decided to make the variation that has a faux-wrap skirt. It’s nice and long in the back, but shorter in the front so it’s runaround friendly. I’m always worried about them tripping in longer skirts otherwise. (True confession… I totally spaced on cutting the front skirt pieces on the correct grain. The CF should be on the straight of grain, but I lined up the side seam on the straight by mistake. Oops!)


I fully lined the dress instead of doing a bias facing on the neckline and sleeves. The fabric probably would have been okay without a lining, but it was just right on the line for opacity. To line the skirt, I omitted the wrap and simply marked 2″ above where the front panels overlap, and cut it on the fold. I kept the back skirt lining short as well, since there was no need to make the lining as long as the dress.


For sizing, I cut a 4, then slashed and lengthened to the size 6, and cut a straight size 6 skirt. The neckline is borderline too low for what I’d expect in a kid’s pattern, so that’s something to watch out for. Overall, it came out a little bigger than I was anticipating, but it should fit her for quite a while.


This pattern gets a huge thumbs up from me, and an even bigger thumbs up from my girl. I think she’s worn it three times already, and is always swan-ing around and letting the skirt flap around dramatically. I’m sure I’ll be using this pattern many more times!

—lisa g.

21 thoughts on “McCalls 6948

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Omygosh, this is just so cute! love the colours and the style of the dress. I understand sewing for your daughters being addictive – less fitting (easier fitting?) and such fun styles. The perfect little dress for swanning and strutting and exiting dramatically. Love it!

  2. kathi giumentaro says:

    That dress is beautiful. I still make my 22 year old daughter dresses and she still likes when they flow behind her. Some things never change.
    Your daughter is adorable.

  3. teri dodds says:

    This is such a great dress! I wish I could ever find a fabric like this at Joann– the store by me is really small and crammed with slippery polyester. I love the red shoes with the blue floral. I would totally wear her whole outfit!

    • lisa g says:

      My Joanns is decent size, though not big by any means. I have to really dig to find the rayons! They usually only have maybe two at a time, or I don’t see them unless I scour the clearance section. Ugh. I feel like there would be a greater demand! Thank you!

      • Dorothy says:

        I think Joanns have a nasty habit of putting fabrics in the clearance or Red Tag section that they never carried in their main section. I have bought 1.5 yards of spot embroidered linen for a skirt, a heavy, silky charcoal performance knit that I made a cardigan from, and recently I found a great quality charcoal stretch Bengaline in a 1 yard piece, that I’ve never seen the like of elsewhere in the store.

    • lisa g says:

      I highly recommend it! There are so many variations and options, you could make any number of looks with this pattern. I love the view from the back as well… thank you!

  4. Liza Jane says:

    Very cute! I love the shape of the hem on this one. And yes, I wish joanns had more rayon, too. Or that they would at least have a separate section for it instead of lumping it with all that poly junk.

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