out with 2015… in with 2016

I’ve been trying to figure out what my sewing hits and misses were for 2015. It’s been difficult to even choose because I really love and wear pretty much everything I made. I seldom make frivolous things, or really experiment at all—I have neither the time nor the budget for that!  I think there is only one thing I made this year that could classify as a miss.

First up, my favorites (in chronological order)


Camas Blouse: I absolutely love this shirt. It’s the shirt I reach for when I want to feel put together while maintaing absolute comfort. The colors are great, the fit is great—wait. Why haven’t I made this several more times??? [blog post]

Linden: I made the Linden twice this year and they are probably two of my most worn garments, neither of which actually made it to the blog—the horror! The first I made to be oversized with a lighter weight french terry, the second was from a thicker sweatshirt fleece. After making the sweatshirt fleece one it felt a bit blah and boring, so I jazzed it up with some fabric paints. I love how it came out! [grey Linden | heart Linden]


Liberty Granville: I muslined the daylights out of this pattern and cut into one of my precious fabrics, a Liberty Lawn. This is another shirt I can turn to when I want to look and feel put together. [blog post]


Thurlow drawstring shorts: These were the hit of the summer! I converted my beloved Thurlow pattern to be a pull on short with drawstring waist. [striped | brown]


McCalls 7242: I love this dress to bits! I wish my daily life included the need to wear dresses more often, because I LOVE this dress. [blog post]


Butterick 6169: Despite finishing this very late into the fall, I was able to wear it several times. It just made me feel cool, and that’s always a good thing. I’ll be eager to pull it out again when light jackets are needed. [blog post]

The only “miss” would have to be my Morris Blazer. This makes me really sad, but the fabric bagging out at the front annoys me to no end. Also I have a hard time figuring out what to wear with it. I’ve thought of trying to sneak in some interfacing to stabilize the front better but I fear that would just be a mess. I’ll probably try to top stitch the facing in place, and if that doesn’t work, give it away, as much as it hurts. I’ll be revisiting that pattern in a cotton sateen or stretch twill in the spring, that’s for sure!

The takeaway from this is that I should stick to outfitting my daily life; comfortable, but still a little special. I also sewed several solid colored t-shirts that deserve honorable mention. They’re in constant wardrobe rotation, but not all that exciting to write about. 🙂 The only near failure was due to poor fabric choice, and hopefully I can right that wrong.

ON TO 2016…

Jeans/pants/trousers: I really need to tackle the lack of pants situation in my wardrobe. My old handmade jeans are now too big in places (waist/butt/thighs), still to small in others (knees/calves), so it’s time I buckle down and make some new ones. I still have RTW skinnies that fit me, so I may try flares this go around. The pattern I use is up in the air at this point, but I have a few ideas. I also want to make at least one or two more Lily Ski Pants. I haven’t blogged about my first pair yet, but you can see them on IG. They’re great pants but I need to adjust the fit in a few places before making more. I’d also like a pair of Thurlows in stretch twill for casual-ish wear.

Coat: I really, really wanted to tackle the Cascade Duffle, but I fear time and budget will prevent me again this winter. I want to do it right with quality materials, and given that I have perfectly acceptable winter coats (including THIS ONE that I still wear) I can’t justify the cost. So to scratch that coat making itch, I’m currently working on a tailored coat for one of my daughters. I have all the bits and pieces for this in the stash, so at least I get some coat making practice, even if it’s not for me.

Husband’s wardrobe: The man needs some business shirts and dress pants. I’ve made them before, it’s just time to crack down and make them again. And really, it’s only fair that I sew for him more since RTW is hard to find for his small-ish frame. I have a hard time picking out fabrics for him though, so I’ll need to do some serious swatching. In the meantime, I have one good shirting fabric, and one good wool pants fabric, so I’ll start there sooner rather than later… I think. No promises though. 😉

What about you? Any exciting 2016 sewing plans?

lisa g.

34 thoughts on “out with 2015… in with 2016

  1. Sew Exhausted says:

    Your Granville looks smart- I made 3 in 2015 and love them all… and that McCalls dress IS fantastic! I too will be tackling jeans/ pants/ trousers this year. I feel like it is time to challenge myself!

  2. crab and bee says:

    You’re a floral print master! I’m gleefully plan-free this year (except for some warm pajamas, which is an actual need right now), but I suspect another crack at jeans is in my future.

  3. Katie says:

    Good plans! I love your Lily ski pants. That’s a new-to-me pattern that I may have to check out since I’m constantly in search of good skinny pants!

    • lisa g says:

      I bet you’d like the Lily a lot. The crotch curve was a little off for me (but about the same as other pant patterns I’ve made, excluding the Thurlow) but I think it’ll be an easy fix. Definitely try them out!

  4. Katie says:

    I feel the same about my Morris, weirdly – loved it (and still like it!) but it never seems to go with an outfit/the weather. I’m going to try it again in the spring, though. My 2016 plans include more casual pants, too!

    • lisa g says:

      Maybe it just needs long sleeves in place of the 3/4 length to make it more wearable. Or maybe it’s just not tailored enough for my liking? Not sure! I’ll make it again in a neutral and see if that fixes things for me. And yay to more people sewing up pants!

  5. teri dodds says:

    I have the same problem with my Morris blazer– which isn’t surprising since mine is a fraternal twin of yours. I need to make a couple of solid t-shirts for wearing underneath and see if that might help the situation at all. I definitely want to give it a whirl in a stretch woven to see if I like that better. Your hits are all so great. I love how they’re all practical and fashionable! As always, I look forward to seeing what you make this year!

    • lisa g says:

      I still have hopes of saving my Morris, and I think a few more solid tees (I have an almost neon coral tee it looks great with) and woven tanks would make it more wearable. But I think in the end, it’s just more suited to a stretch woven than ponte.

  6. gilliancrafts says:

    What a good mix of florals and solids your wardrobe is! very cohesive, and looks great on you. Here’s to happy sewing in 2016!

    • lisa g says:

      Thank you! I’ve considered the B+G jeans patterns, but I think I would still have the same crotch curve issues that have plagued me with every single pants pattern, except the Sewaholic Thurlow. So, no need to keep reinventing the wheel for me, I’ll just modify what I have most likely.

      • aleah says:

        Yeah, the Thurlow is the only bottom I use at all now – you can turn them into jeans, I did! I flipped the fly, drafted a yoke for the back, and skinnied up the hips and legs. Took a couple tries, but I use it all the time now.
        I’m sure you’ll have another great year of clothes I will covet 🙂

      • lisa g says:

        Maybe I should just try that with the Thurlow… I know everyone is releasing patterns for jeans, but I really wish Tasia would too! That one, I would not hesitate one second to buy.

  7. Danielle says:

    I had the same “bagging” problem with my Morris…I made it in a ponte from Girl Charlee that I think was too drapey as well. I just topstitched the facing down though and it fixed the problem perfectly! If you don’t mind seeing a little topstitching on yours, I definitely think you can salvage your adorable blazer! Stripes are such a staple…pair it with jeans and a solid color shirt (ANY color would go with gray/white!) and you have the perfect outfit!

    • lisa g says:

      Good to know that topstitching the facing helped your blazer. I’d rather have a line of stitching than no blazer at all, that’s for sure. Will try it out!

  8. gingermakes says:

    Gosh, you really had a great sewing year! You always make the nicest stuff! I should probably sew some pants this year, too, and some shirts for the fella. I find it so hard to motivate, though– isn’t that naughty?

    • lisa g says:

      Aww thanks! When I have such a long sewing list of things I haven’t done yet, it feels like I’ve accomplished nothing! Reviewing the year is a good reminder that I’ve accomplished quite a bit. And I hear ya on finding it hard to get motivated to sew for the fella… At least if I’m sewing for the kiddos the garments are tiny and adorable!

  9. Fabric tragic says:

    It doesn’t surprise me you’ve made mostly winners! I love everything you make – it’s always so well made and I really appreciate when you throw in little tips on how you make things better (oh my word I send you a little thank you into space every time I use your corner trick!) and I hope you can salvage your Morris! I’ve got lots of things planned, I just adore planning. This year I’ll be trying some outerwear – a coat from Waffle, a little jacket from waffle and the minoru jacket. I’ve got a ridiculous beautiful stash and it’s mostly been allocated and had its destiny determined. Look forward to seeing what you make this year!

  10. Heather Gibson says:

    I love all the makes you picked for your hit list too! It’s such a shame about your Morris as it looks so nice! I really want to make a coat this year too – I’m excited to see your Cascade!

    • lisa g says:

      Thanks, it was so hard to narrow it down to my favorites! I do think top stitching the facing would save the Morris for me, it just didn’t work in my wardrobe as I expected. Will have to add a few more solids so I can give it another chance!

  11. craftysewandsewindorset says:

    I love that top with sequin shoulder patches, might steal that idea 💡
    I started a grainline cascade duffle coat before Christmas but took so long it got relegated to the back of my projects. Then summer came….needs to be finished by autumn!

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