about me…

just to be clear, i’m not angry mad… just a little bit crazy. the type of mad that obsesses about learning to home-make things most sane people wouldn’t even give a second thought to. if you are even a little like me (or just stopped by to gawk at my craziness), the purpose of this blog is to enable the mad housewife in us all—regardless of domestic status!


email: lisagaskamp at mac dot com

13 thoughts on “about me…

  1. Carol Stevens says:

    Hello! Love your blog. About to buy the alder dress pattern and have a go. Just wondering whether it’s difficult to make?

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! the alder dress is a nice intro to shirt making since there aren’t sleeve details to worry about. i wouldn’t call it easy (due to needing to construct a collar) but there’s a great sewalong on the grainline blog to hold your hand a bit. it’s a lovely pattern, hope you give it a try!

  2. fiona ryle says:

    Hi Lisa,
    i found you on your old blog through a simplicity pattern comment blog. I really loved the Dorothy costume that you made for your daughter. I have a thirteen year old girl who is going to play dorothy in a musical theatre production. I do not want to order a halloween costume. I ordered the simplicty adult pattern and I wondered if the pattern you used would have been better for my daughter size wise?
    It starts at size 6 and she varies from a size 0 to 2 in stores.

    • lisa g says:

      I don’t recall what the size range of the child’s pattern is, but you’re best off measuring her and comparing to the size chart. She could well be between the child and adult range, so I would pick based on her figure. These patterns tend to have quite a bit of ease built in, so also check the finished measurements (usually printed on the tissue). Just keep in mind that in-store sizing has little to do with the pattern sizing. Typically in the adult range you’ll need 2-4 sizes up from what you’d buy in a clothing store.

  3. grammyquilts says:

    Lisa, you are a busy lady and such an inspiration. I found you by looking for some guidance in making a fly front for a pair of shorts. The pattern directions were not as clear. Love your creations. Thanks so much…Nancy

  4. Barbarags says:

    I found your blog via a link from a British based blogger, Sewrendipity, to one of your tutorials, I am a Londoner. I am delighted to have found someone who gives a detailed account of how the final garment was achieved and especially like the new feature of the end summary. It helps me visualise the amount of ease in a pattern. Thank you for sharing your sewing skills with us.

  5. Christine says:

    I thanks you for your pictures of your Tutorial, because my english are very bad and so i love sewing Blogs with lot pictures. And your Tutorial are great. Many thanks from Germany. Christine

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