(1)hot cocoa sweater (2)mccalls 6044 (3)portrait blouse (4)mccalls 6044 v.2 (5)jalie jeans (6)thurlow

(1)mccalls 6044 v.3 (2)tira (3)renfrew (4)darling ranges (5)dolman/moss (6)archer

(1)dolman (2)cocoa’frew (3)truck tee (4)blouse/skirt (5)minoru (6)thurlow shorts

(1)first communion (2)burda button up (3)archer-ish (4)moss mini (5)thurlow shorts (6)archer

(1)anthro knock-off (2)striped tee (3)tote bag (4)mccalls 5613 (5)mccalls 6391 (6)tiny pocket tank

(1)shorts & refashioned top (2)scout tee (3)mccalls 6689 (4)hawthorn (5)jedediah shorts (6)saltspring

(1)moss mini (2)thurlow/renfrew (3)dolman top/mccalls 6173 (4)archer (5)moss skirt (6)zinnia

(1)simplicity 2534 (2)denim dress (3)hemlock tee (4)mccalls 6793 (5)howJoyful bear (6) girl skater

(1)flashback skinny tunic (2)scout tee (3)mccalls 6793 (4)coppelia wrap (5)fur hood parka (6)chevron shift


(1)ballet wrap (2)anywhere dress (3)FBST tunic

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