a little birdie told me…

so i was all like: i am so over summer sewing… you should use summer/fall transitional fabrics… blah, blah, blah… don’t listen to me. i certainly never do. a while back i was obsessing over this really cute linen/cotten blend fabric but didn’t get it, it was out of stock or something. so the other day it was on sale at fabric.com and decided i had to have it. yes, it was the end of august and i’m in new england so winter comes early… just means i need to sew fast, right?

someday i’ll discover solid colored fabrics…

and yes, there are birds on the fabric. what of it? it’s cute. at least it doesn’t have elephants on it. i’m not knocking the elephant dress, i’d totally wear it.

back to my dress… i have this pattern (new look 6457) i’ve wanted to make all summer but hadn’t gotten around to it. but if summer hangs on the way winter did this year, i’ll still get to wear it a few times!

here goes… i will be underlining this in muslin for stability and lining it as well. i want a nicely structured and fitted bodice, but also want it smooth and comfy on the inside with no scratchy seams. the lining i’m using is cotton voile. now, this stuff is very lightweight. it’s only purpose is to cover my seams. someday i’ll splurge and line my dresses in silk… until then this will have to do!

i typically need lots of pattern alterations on top due to a very narrow ribcage and a less than ample bust. oh boy was this pattern monstrously huge! why do the big pattern makers think you need 2 1/2″ of ease in a fitted bodice??? seriously, it’s not that i need my clothes skin tight, just not flopping all over the place! so i’ve ended up about a sz 10 at the waist and i don’t know, a 4 at the top by the time i was done? hard to say, the pattern isn’t sized that small! anywho…

since this was a fairly easily adjustable princess seamed bodice i went with a tissue fitting instead of a full out muslin. i traced the pattern pieces to my starting off point and cut them out. i marked the seam allowances and pinned the pieces together along the seam lines and held it up to me. i made the necessary adjustments, re-traced the pieces and pinned them together again. the only changes i’m making to the pattern style is to eliminate the top strip of material and instead will use some flat piping peeking out of the top. also, i’m changing it to a sweetheart neckline. i used to hate sweetheart necklines… now i kinda like them, who knew?

pretty sure of my fit, i cut out my pieces in muslin and basted them together to try it on in actual fabric. i still had to take the top in a little, but all in all i’m pleased with it. on to cutting my actual fabric!

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