my first jean-like pants

i’ve made pants and shorts before, so i’m pretty comfortable with the whole process. still, i’ve put off making any actual jeans. but as with many of my sewing adventures, i try new stuff out on my kids first. i picked up this green stretch twill for pretty cheap and was dying to try out the famed jalie #2908. if you don’t know jalie patterns, they specialize in all things stretchy and active, and each pattern comes in approximately 5,987,423 sizes. since i’ve been into tracing patterns lately, i was okay with this.

i set off tracing each piece suuuuuupeeeerrrrr carefully. the pattern has 3/8″ SA, so there isn’t much room for error. overall the directions are very good and i didn’t need many changes. she wanted a skinny pant so i narrowed the legs in for a custom fit. hey, every kid needs custom fit pants, amiright? i started out by cutting a straight leg so i could taper as needed. i ended up taking in the seams by about 3/8″ below the hip, and 5/8″ from the knee down.

other changes were pretty minor. i added one of those little change pocket things, which i stitched onto the facing before assembling the front pockets. i made up a separate fly facing instead of the folded in variety, and cut a separate inner and outer waistband. i feel both of these are sturdier when cut separate instead of just folded. the pattern has a seam at the CB of the waistband, i’m not sure if this is just to save fabric or what. the waistband is a straight rectangle, so if/when i make her another pair i’ll eliminate the back seam.

i topstitched throughout to mimic RTW and even added a regular jeans hammer it in shank button. i don’t have pics of the shank button because initially i had sewn on a regular button because she was so eager to wear them and i hadn’t bought a jeans button yet. the shank button makes all the difference in the world for that real look. plus you get to hammer stuff. which is fun. next time i think i’ll try rivets too.

she wanted a lightning bolt design for the back pocket because she is a huge fan of the “percy jackson and the olympians” series (one is entitled: “the lightning thief”), not to mention harry potter.

i thought i would give you a comparison between these and a RTW pair. she usually wears an 8 slim, so i decided to make a size 7. in retrospect, i should have cut the waistband and length in size 8, then slimmed down to a 7. they’re long enough for her, but an extra inch wouldn’t have hurt!

so here they are next to a 7 slim skinny jean from old navy. it looks like the sizing would be very consistent with RTW, though the waist may be a tad snug by comparison.

the only thing that really bugs me is the giant back pocket. see how much larger it is than the ON jean? HUGE! i didn’t even think about this before stitching it on. i will definitely make a smaller pocket next time.

after this i feel pretty confident to make some jean-like pants of my own. i’ll want to alter some of the SA’s for a proper flat fell in places, but overall this is a really nice pattern. call me crazy, but i’ve been oogling over all the floral/patterned skinny jeans for spring. it’s hard to track down floral stretch twill in a pant weight, but i finally found some online at mood… if i feel daring enough, i’m tempted to make my own!

β€”lisa g.

11 thoughts on “my first jean-like pants

  1. Susan says:

    They look so cute! And HA! I saw the first pic and thought, "cool, even rivets on the coin pocket." When you said that you wanted to try rivets next time, I went back and looked and saw the topstitching. Nice faux effect!

  2. Gail says:

    OMG Yes! Make yourself some floral jeans! You can totally pull it off! I've been ogling them myself, but I'm feeling like I need to pass it by this time, as I did it when it was a trend about 15 years ago. These "jeans" are sweet. Your kids are so lucky to get all these great makes from you!

  3. lisa g. says:

    i'm not a very trendy dresser typically, but i really do like the floral jeans. thanks for the encouragement, i'll be ordering some swatches!and my kids love getting things that i've made. i already have requests from the others for pants as well! πŸ™‚

  4. Leslie says:

    Very impressive! One day I'd like to attempt to make pants or jeans like that (especially for my 8 year old daughter that has a hard time finding good jeans), but I'm not quite at that point yet. Anyway, I love all the gorgeous top stitching and lovely details you have on these!

  5. Florencia says:

    Wow! Excelent job! I love the green! I didn't know about Jalie Patterns, thank you for sharing!Can't wait to see your floral jeans! I love them but I don't think they will look good on me.

  6. Megan meggipeg says:

    These jeans look adorable on your daughter. I have made several pairs of these jeans for myself and after seeing yours I think I will try making some for my two boys. I agree with you about the pocket sizing on the girl's jeans but for boys I might make the pocket even bigger. For my jeans I kept the pocket the same size as in the pattern.PS. I hope you don't mind me saying, but you should remove the 'captcha' code thing from your comments as some commenters are really put off by these πŸ™‚

  7. lisa g. says:

    thanks! it's such a perfect pattern. i'm sure you could adapt it for boys without a problem.and ya know, i thought i had shut off the captcha thing. i don't mess around with my blog settings much so i didn't even realize it was on!

  8. Sara Glascock says:

    I received my giant pattern envelope in the mail from PR. I'm was very excited to start making a pair of jeans for myself but your post, gave me the idea to start with a pair for my daughter instead. I am a true beginner, in that I have only completed 2 patterns so far. I have 1 UFO in the works. My daughter is really tough on clothes. If I make a mistake, I don't think it will matter as much.

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