spring sewing plans

now that this madness is over i feel like we can all move on and focus on helping the many victims. it was pretty surreal seeing the news feeds, especially of the thursday through friday manhunt. glad that part, at last, is over. huge props to the law enforcement for doing their job so well. —lisa g.

spring finally decided to grace us with it’s presence, so i’m finally feeling inspired to get some seasonally-appropriate wear made! i started a skirt (and technically finished it) but i don’t like how the waist band is working out, so that’s on the back burner. i also have a pair of thurlow shorts finished and awaiting a photo-op, so today i’m talking about a lightweight jacket. it felt so good to grab the winter coat i made last fall whenever i walked out the door that i really feel it is worth my time to make a (moderately involved) jacket for spring.


i’ve been looking online at anorak-style jackets and i really love all the details: drawstring waists, patch pockets, pull-out hoods, etc. the minoru is a perfect starting point to get the look i want without having to do any major pattern changes. but, i wouldn’t be me if i didn’t change anything, so here goes…

  • pockets! i want big deep patch pockets with flaps.
  • upper pockets…? the jury’s still out on that one. i’ve considered more patch pockets or even vertical welt pockets with a hidden zip, but that seems like a lot of extra work for pockets that would almost never actually be used.
  • drawstring waist: instead of the wide elastic called for, i will run some 1/4″ elastic and add drawstring cording and bring it out through grommets close to the CF zipper plackets.
  • i want to add a facing behind the zip to avoid clothing snags
  • cuffs: instead of the elastic cuffs, i plan to do a regular cuff and placket (probably bound, as opposed to tower) and add the little roll up your sleeve and button it thingies.
  • hood: i will do a 3-pc hood instead of the 2-pc. also, i want to add a drawstring.
  • lastly, i plan to drop the hem slightly in the back. not dramatically, not for any functional reason, but just cuz.

i’ve done my research, i know all the pattern quirks, i’ve thought this out extensively (it has literally kept me up at night), and i’m 99% sure i have all the deets worked out.


i’m using the lighter colored side. probably… i keep changing my mind…

time to talk fabric! i agonized over fabric choices for weeks on end until i could buy my supplies (recent major car repairs set us back a few pennies…). initially i wanted a cotton nylon blend for water-repellent purposes, then i thought to just go with a twill, then i thought maybe a lightweight canvas would be nice… too many options, yet i couldn’t seem to find exactly what i wanted. when i finally went fabric shopping at an actual store (as opposed to online searching) i ended up picking fabric completely different than i had in mind. completely different. i found a medium weight rayon that may have a name, but i have no idea what that might be (feel free to chime in if you do). it has a subtle shine and one side is darker than the other. it has some texture and a wrinkly nature and just feels so luxe and awesome! i totally love it. i picked out a dusty rose colored bemberg lining, and pink zips with metal teeth.


words cannot express how happy i was to pick out and order a zip online and have it be an exact match to my lining.

can’t wait to get moving on this jacket… it shall be awesome.

—lisa g.

4 thoughts on “spring sewing plans

  1. dokucug says:

    Ooooh, this IS going to be awesome! I’m in love with your supplies – the color combo is gorgeous.

    I haven’t purchased this pattern yet because it’s not really my style. And yet all the beautiful examples I’ve seen online have kept me wondering if I should go for it. I have a feeling yours will probably get me off the fence!

    • lisa g says:

      i’ve wanted to do this jacket for a long time. i’ve mostly seen stiffer fabrics used so i’m pretty excited to make it in something with a little more drape. i just hope it lives up to my expectations!

  2. Shar says:

    I totally second your lead-in comments. This jacket is on my sewing list for fall so I’m very interested to see your posts on it (I really appreciate the construction details you always include). The fabric sounds perfect and very different than fabric used on the other versions I’ve seen online. I would probably have the darker side out (just because I’m always thinking I’ll get light fabrics dirty), but the lighter color would be better for spring. Can’t wait for your followup posts on this!

  3. Susan says:

    I love that color combo and it’s great that you found a fabric you love for it! Sometimes we have to set aside those plans and go with our gut, right? I buy a lot of fabric online, but it will never be as good as in person… It’s such a tactile decision-making process! Excited to see your coat come together…

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