mmm’13: week 2

i, lisa g. of notes from a mad housewife, sign up as a participant of me-made-may ’13. i endeavour to wear me-mades at least 4 times a week for the duration of may 2013.


the links below are to my original blog posts; my posts have links to pattern info. only so many link-making hours in the day, peeps…

still holding strong! truth be told, i wear my me-mades a lot. this last year i’ve made an effort to make useful pieces and it’s nice to see that effort pay off. obvs, documenting is a problem… sorry for all the selfies, and bad ones at that! i make no promises to improve. hey, points for being realistic? i do wish i could document the outfits the rest of the family is wearing—it seems like every day at least someone else in the family is wearing a me-made. maybe next year i’ll up the ante and share more of that!

—lisa g.

3 thoughts on “mmm’13: week 2

  1. Sunni says:

    I love that you make more “realistic” pieces of clothing – this is whole reason I read your blog!!! Its great to see many of these pieces in your everyday life. I love everyday clothing! Go Me-Made-May!

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