polka dot! polka dot!

i’ve had this shirt in my head (and cut out) for months now, and i finally got it made! the summer here was hot so making a long sleeved shirt kept getting pushed farther and farther down my list of things to do… but, i couldn’t stand it any longer and finally cranked out my fourth archer. have i ever mentioned how much i love this pattern? cuz i do. also, i specifically had this shirt in mind when i made my coral/pink pants. while it’s a tad (okay, more than a tad) bolder than i usually wear, i just couldn’t resist this combo!


i decided to forgo flat fells and/or french seams because this is a very lightweight cotton and, truth be told, the quality isn’t that great. if i didn’t love the polka dot so much i probably wouldn’t bother using it at all. the contrasting black, however, is a very nice cotton lawn (excellent price, i might add) from fabric.com and really classes up the shirt, i think.


i don’t know that there’s much left to say about the archer than i haven’t already said, so i’ll just leave you with pics. funny note: i’ve gone to deleting most of my pics off the camera before even bothering to load them on the computer. as i sorted through the remaining, i realized i hadn’t left a single pic where i’m actually looking at the camera. apparently i don’t like looking at my face. make of that what you will.



—lisa g.

34 thoughts on “polka dot! polka dot!

  1. Sally {thequirkypeach} says:

    so cute! love this entire outfit! and crazy…. I definitely just did the same thing with my last post and no facing the camera pictures! do we all think we look more attractive looking down or to the side or what??? lol 🙂

  2. poppykettle says:

    I LOVE it! And it’s totally brought a smile to my face on a very dreary thursday morning – I think bright outfits like this are the best, it looks great with the coral pants 🙂 You must be an absolute whiz at sewing plackets, cuffs and collars by now! I know what you mean about looking at the camera – I load up mine and there’s always a disproportionate number of pictures of me looking everywhere but the camera. It’s a blogger thing 😉

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! i’m definitely comfortable with the collars & plackets, but i’ll never do them when i’m tired… nothing worse than realizing you’ve screwed up and having to unpick! and it’s funny, i set the camera then suddenly have no idea what to do… i’m such a weirdo!

  3. Kathi Giumentaro says:

    Yes it was a hot summer (and today). I love your polka dot shirt. The back accents really make this shirt look expensive. I have made 6 archers. I have on my sewing table my 7th archer with a twist. I added 12 inches to the hem to make a shirt dress. If it doesn’t work out I will chop off the 12″ and have another shirt.

    • lisa g says:

      geeze… what is up with the cray humidity?! and wow, 6 already? testament to a great pattern! hope the shirt dress works out, i actually have some plaid twill shirting i was thinking of doing the same thing with!

  4. Susan says:

    Oh, I’m loving this one so much, and the solid black parts totally *make it.* Thats funny about the pics — I keep trying to get some of me looking anywhere else but the camera, and I haven’t had a lot turn out that I liked, for some reason! Oh who knows, it’s probably just what our default comfortable pose is for whatever reason… 🙂

    Seeing your hair up like that is making me miss my long hair a little bit — I always used to have mine like that. It was never down, ever ever. It looks very cute on you!

    • lisa g says:

      thanks 🙂 and i used to not be able to get pics not looking at the camera, so i don’t know what’s happened… pics are definitely the wort part of blogging! haha

      my hair is driving me nuts! hence the buns all the time. it’s been super humid most of the summer and my hair just does not like it…

      • Susan says:

        Yah, the humidity here is why mine was always up. I’d try to leave it down and would be … glistening 😉 … within 10 minutes! So after it was up constantly for years, I just decided to hell with it… HA!

  5. dokucug says:

    That is flippin’ AWESOME!! I also love the contrasting black – it really takes everything up a notch. I don’t think I would have thought of that! It’s so perfect with those pants!

  6. Pam says:

    Great look! The contrasting trim is perfect. I’ve recently discovered your blog and love it. This post is the final straw- I must purchase and make an Archer!

  7. crab&bee says:

    It’s so gratifying to have an outfit come out as nicely in real life as in your imagination like this did. Are your buttons shiny or metallic? I really like how they look against the black placket!

    • lisa g says:

      yes it is! i was super happy it looked so cute together. the buttons are kind of a not quite translucent white. nothing fancy, got them at joanns and they don’t carry very many shirt-appropriate buttons!

  8. sewamysew says:

    I am a total Archer addict too. I just love this one and paired with those hot red pants… forget about it! Who cares if the fabric quality isn’t that good when you’ve got polka dots like that?

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