the pepruffle top

way back in July during our summer trip to Texas i picked up a rayon crepe from the Common Thread whilst fabric shopping with Susan and Dixie. i wanted to use a pattern with a simple shape because, frankly, this fabric was kind of difficult to work with. despite the nice crepe texture, it was still pretty shifty! i had never used a rayon crepe before, so this fabric was new to me.


i decided to use see kate sew’s zippy top pattern for it’s simplicity and layer-ability. but, i thought it would be fun to give the top a little interest, so i added a slightly drop waisted ruffle/peplum. the whole peplum trend has kinda passed me by—i like the peplum, but i don’t like the idea of a fitted waist for an everyday, running errands, kinda top. this hits below my waist and is nice and loose, so i get both a cute top and a comfortable one. double win! i got the idea of the loose pepruffle (we’re just gonna call it that since it doesn’t totally square into either the peplum or ruffle category, mmm’k?) from mccalls 6793 which i have used twice before (bow neck blouse and silk blouse). i haven’t made the pepruffle variation yet, but i always liked it. it was an easy change—i just snagged the pepruffle pattern piece and used the pattern as a guide for where to make the waist seam. it totally worked out and i just love how swingy this top is!


as you can see, i left out the zip and went with a long teardrop-shaped opening, closed with a button and loop. also, when i first wore the top, i was getting some drag lines at the neckline from the facing. my facing may be a little too stiff, so it wasn’t playing nice with the shell. to fix this i went back and topstitched at about 3/4″ from the neckline so they would hold together better. thanks to the texture of the fabric, the topstitching is barely noticeable.


this top ends up being so much fun to wear because it’s swingy and a little different. it works with jeans, but would also pair well with leggings or skinny trousers. and yeah, i really, really like it with my blazer. sorry for sticking that blazer in every single post lately, but it really gets a workout in the fall!


—lisa g.

37 thoughts on “the pepruffle top

  1. Heather says:

    This is great! I have been wanting to make something similar to this for a while. I like the drop-waistedness. I want to do a drop-waisted dress but I don’t think I have the right figure for it, so this might be a nice compromise. I agree sometimes peplums are too structured for everyday wear. Great fabric and I love the blazer too – I’m not sick of it!

  2. Noelle says:

    Great top! Also been feeling the combination of a looser top with a ruffly peplum. I recently made a slightly different version… A construction question: I attached the pepruffle with a french seam but that was really tricky and kind of smushed the gathers. Though it is nice and neat inside. Your gathers look really nice so I’m curious – how did you attach your pepruffle? Thanks!

    • lisa g says:

      thanks! i didn’t french seam this top since i wanted to be able to go in and make adjustments if necessary. so, the pepruffle is simply sewn on then serged to finish the edge. you could bind the edge with rayon binding, but i would be concerned about the seam being too stiff… not sure how to solve that one for you!

  3. Susan (moonthirty) says:

    WHY on earth would you evah apologize for that blazer?? I’m such a broken record. 😝 I adore this top! I have kicked myself several times for not getting some of that fabric, it is lovely. I’m glad you made it into a great garment that you’ll get lots of wear from!

    • lisa g says:

      haha no apologies!!! and you so should have bought some also… it is just a cool fabric! yellows don’t usually draw me in, but it works for me here.

  4. teri dodds says:

    I love your term pepruffle! I modified Tilly’s Mathilde pattern to have a drop-waist ruffle to look like a shirt I’d seen at Anthropologie. I think your shirt definitely looks like it could have come from Anthro and cost $98! Your fabric is so lovely and drapey.

    • lisa g says:

      funny how that works! it’s boxy, but the pepruffle breaks it up a bit. it also looks cute with shorter cardigans, and it would work well in a knit fabric using the kimono tee… you should give it a try!

  5. crab&bee says:

    Pepruffle is a word I now want to say over and over. I much prefer this look to the other peplums I’ve seen! Also, you never have to apologize for wearing the heck out of your sewing projects to me – I really like seeing what kinds of garments really end up working for people, especially over time.

  6. lilysageandco says:

    So pretty! I love a pepruffle! And that fabric is so beautiful. I love the way it goes with that blazer. Super stylish.

  7. angelajoanne says:

    I know what you mean about the peplum trend and I like that you tried it out this way. Clever! I think it looks great and sounds fun with a bit of swing in your walk!

    • lisa g says:

      i sometimes wonder about certain pieces in blogland and whether or not they actually work the way the maker thought, so i like to pull my older makes to mix with my new. thank you!

  8. joellestlaurent says:

    lovely! and don’t apologize for using your blazer in multiple posts. i love seeing how handmades are loved and worn!

  9. kristin says:

    oh very cute! i’ve been doubtful about the peplum thing but i like the looser fit up top like you’ve got here – really nice how it flows out from your body. looks great on you and i love that blazer a lot!

  10. Kelly says:

    This top is so great! I can’t seem to get myself to do a peplum top either, but this sort of silhouette is calling to me. Your fabric is pretty dreamy too!

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